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Popular Beauty Items in the Drama ‘Angry Mom’ Revealed!

[by Koo Hyejin] Beauty items that are featured in various dramas and entertainment programs are becoming popular these days.

Stylenanda’s 3 Concept Eyes’ items that are featured in drama ‘Angry Mom’ starring Kim Hee-sun and Kim Yoo-jung are especially popular. 3 Concept Eyes’ beauty items appear in every episode in this school drama.

Lizzy, who is starring as Wang Jung-hee, is the No.1 female fighter at Myung Sung high School. She and her friends look at the mirror and apply makeup whenever and wherever. Their beauty items are attracting viewers’ eyes just like the exciting story does. Let’s take a look at these items.

Lizzy’s Choice_3CE LIP MARKER ‘Angry Tint’

Lizzy’s item is a marker type lip tint with a natural color that is also easy to apply. It is a pen type lip marker that can draw accurate lines and can be reapplied easily. Most of all, it has a non-sticky texture and it can be absorbed instantly. It also lasts very long without getting erased. These qualities make this item the perfect lip makeup product for spring.

Its colors include red, orange, and pink. But trendier colors like crimson pink, maroon pink, Indian red, and raspberry pink were added, which means that there are seven colors in total. Among these, the raspberry color adds strength to a feminine makeup. Its attractive color will make it look like you just dropped raspberry juice on your lips.

How to Use ‘Angry Tint’ Smartly

You need to control the amount you apply when using lip products that use brush tips. But this product can be easily applied and its color will be clear and bright even after reapplication. You can casually apply it on your lips like a highlighter and your lips will become naturally tinted. We recommend using it on naked lips since the product opening can be blocked if you have oil on your lips.

First, apply the product on naked lips starting from the inner part. Then, apply it more widely to give gradation. After that, use a concealer on the outer tip of your lips and give a gradation effect with hands.

To make your lips look vibrant, you can use a lip gloss or a lip balm after using a lip marker. Apply a moist and clear lip gloss and spread it from the inner part of your lips.

Other Popular Items

3CE MAKEUP BOX A makeup box that can keep skin care products and color products. Its practical structure with two shelves can hold small products like pencils and brushes along with bigger products like powders and creams. It can be used as a dressing table since it has a mirror attached to it.

3CE SQUARE HAND MIRROR  A big square hand mirror with a comfortable grip that comes in three colors. The pink color attracts people’s eyes and the unique design is representative of the brand. Besides the black and pink hand mirrors, a mini-size hand mirror that turns bright neon under the sun is also out in the market.(Photo by: Stylenanda 3 CONCEPT EYES, MBC drama ‘Angry Mom’ Screen Capture)

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Write: 2015-04-17 18:20:49 / Update: 2015-04-17 18:36:22

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