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The BEST Of Beauty Items That Beauty Editors Use Every Day

[by Yoo Jung] Although there are many people planning outdoor activities in the warm spring season, the especially stinging sunlight and micro dust particles in the air become the greatest enemies of the skin.

Therefore there is no other season like spring, when skin care must be done so thoroughly. In addition, the pale skin that was maintained during winter may become darker in spring as the sun catches you off guard. Beauty editors are making sure to prepare and take care of their skin in their own ways.

For these reasons beauty editors have gathered to select the best cosmetic products that may resolve these concerns. Here is the list of ‘It Items’ that beauty editors use at home on a daily basis.

BEST Cleanser

A beauty professional stated that ‘erasing is more important than applying’. A cleanser serves the purpose of protecting the oil content of the skin responsible for the skin’s moisture level. The Mineralized Charged Water Cleanser from MAC, a brand known for makeup, allows for a smooth non-irritating removal of makeup.

BEST Toner

Toner is one item that cannot be left out in the basic skin care routine. It holds the purpose of clearing the surface of the skin after cleansing, allowing the next product applied to be absorbed well into the skin. The slightly acidic components contained in THE3.0 bio toner balance out the pH content of our skin while its non-irritating formula hydrates and protects the skin, making the product perfect for daily use. Most of all, the THE3.0 bio toner does not have any harmful components, making it suitable for all skin types.

BEST Moisturizing Cream

If a beauty item that is needed for all four seasons had to be selected then it would definitely be moisturizing cream. It is a magical beauty item that increases in sales especially when the seasons start to change. The functional cosmetic product Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Lift from Clinique is a gel-type moisturizing cream that can allow the skin to be hydrated all day with one use in the morning.

BEST Mask Pack

Realistically speaking, mask packs are the front-runners of special care products. Yet, they are rarely used every day. Recently, however, as special homecare products have become widely popular, daily mask packs have also been released. The Forencos‘ Selene Project Silk Mask Series, is a product popular in Korea and is more effective when used on a daily basis. The mask pack series consists of different beauty components for each day and provides sufficient nourishment for the skin.(photo by: Forencos, THE3.0 Cosmetics, MAC, Clinique, bntNews DB)

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