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Those With Dry Skin, Focus on ‘Lanolin’

[by Song Eun Ji] In order to take care of our skin’s health, one thing that we should always pay attention to is the ‘components’ of the cosmetic products that we use everyday.

Depending on the components of the product, the item may be beneficial or instead harmful to the skin. Recently, among those who are picky about their cosmetic products and even the ingredients that these products contain, ‘lanolin’ has become the center of attention.

Lanolin, also referred to as ‘wool grease (羊油)’, is the purified or refined product of a secreted fatty substance from a sheep's wool. Then, why are cosmetic products containing lanolin beneficial?

The Reason Why Lanolin Is Special: Skin-Friendly Component

Lanolin is an animal fat product that can be achieved without killing the animal. The reason why sheep are able to withstand cold winters outdoors is also due to lanolin. Lanolin oil helps protect their skin not only from the cold but also from the sun’s rays, wind and contaminated air.

The reason why people who shear sheep wool have soft hands is also due to this lanolin component. The skin absorbs the component immediately from direct contact and speeds up the cell regeneration process as well as having multiple other functions such as calming, protecting, and moisturizing the skin. In addition, this component is similar with sebum, causing it to be non-irritating even for sensitive skin.

The Effects Of Lanolin: Multifunctional Skin Care

Moisturizing lanolin serves as a natural skin lubricant that provides moisture for dry skin. As a lubricant, the component is also effective in suppressing loss of moisture being suitable for those with severely dry skin.

Vitamin E, known to have antioxidant effects, is contained in the anti-aging lanolin. Vitamin E components remove free-radical cells and allow the process of nourishment to run smoothly, creating healthier and firmer skin.

Lanolin is highly effective in its regenerating effects when treating damaged skin and is good enough to be used as an ointment. In addition, the product substitutes as a person’s sebum, protecting the skin from outside harmful factors.

How To Choose Lanolin Cosmetic Products: Consider The Quality Of Lanolin

Lanolin is an oil that can be extracted from the sebaceous glands of a sheep. Therefore, if one wishes to choose a good lanolin cosmetic product, it is good to consider factors such as the health condition of the sheep as well as the way in which the oil was purified.

Good lanolin components can only be achieved when the product is extracted from the wool of sheep raised in clean areas and manufactured skillfully. It is also important to check what other components are included in the product. Perfect skin care can only be possible if the ingredients in the product create a synergy effect.

The BEST Lanolin Cosmetic Products Selected By Beauty Editors
>> KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM Lanolin & 8 berry

The best lanolin cosmetic product that beauty editors have selected is the ‘Lanolin & 8 berry cream’ product from KICHO, a naturalcosmetic item known for its nickname ‘sheep’s milk cream’.

The unique aspect of KICHO’s sheep milk cream is that it is manufactured from the pure lanolin components extracted from the wool of young sheep. Only lanolin produced strictly with a German technology is used in making the product. In addition, the 8 possible harmful components including synthetic perfumes, paraben and mineral oils are excluded from the ingredients, allowing the product to be safe for sensitive skin as well.

Something to pay attention to is the fact that non-chemical preservatives were used. Lanolin & 8 berry cream contains a natural preservative called ‘totarol’, extracted from Evergreen Needleleaf Trees that are grown only in New Zealand. Totarol is a component also used in toothpaste and not only preserves products for a longer period of time but also is highly effective for calming the skin as well as for skin protection.

In addition, 8 berries including extracts of sea buckthorn berries, blueberry extracts or Euterpe Oleracea Fruit extracts strengthen the whitening and anti-aging effects. The berry content not only contains Vitamin C but also an antioxidant component called Anthocyanin that helps with aging prevention.(photo by: KICHO, bntNews DB)

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