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Goo Ha-Ra’s Secret Is A Drop Of ‘Ampoule?’

[by Park Jin-jin] Goo Ha-ra, a member of Kara, is very active. She is conveying fashion and beauty know-how at ‘A Style For You’, a TV program about style on KBS, together with Kim Hee-chul, Soyou from Sistar, and Hani from EXID.

Goo Ha-ra, who gained attention since her debut with her young-looking skin and her unique face, is someone desired by the beauty industry. Her beautiful looks like those of characters in cartoons make men to cheer, and she is picked as a star many women want to be like thanks to her firm body line, round and big eyes, and smooth skin with no blemish.

Let’s look at Goo Ha-ra’s beauty secret as she is much interested in beauty, paying attention to skin care and make-up.

Goo Ha-Ra’s Always Smooth Face

Her Basis Is ‘Flawless Skin’

Goo Ha-ra is called a pretty entertainer even without make-up thanks to her well-defined features. She actually takes strict care of her skin to keep it flawless. She showed her easy-going character, saying her face in the photograph posted on her SNS is truly without make-up, but with the help of sunlight.

Every color including pink, red, burgundy, and nude tone Goo Ha-ra applies on her lips gains attention. She even elegantly wears splendid make-up on stage. She fully displays her charms with various make-up considering the concept of clothes and the place.

She could perfectly put on different make-up from natural one to heavy color make-up thanks to her smooth and healthy skin. If you want Goo Ha-ra’s perfect skin, you had better gently  remove your make-up, thoroughly apply sunblock, and take care of your skin when you feel your skin is tired.

Goo Ha-Ra’s Ampoule, ZAIN Vital Energy Real Ampoule

‘ZAIN Vital Energy Real Ampoule,’ which takes care of Goo Ha-ra’s young-looking skin, is made by oriental medical science. It is also popular amongst Chinese tourists in Korea. Its luxurious packaging in purple color and the roll-on function catch the eye.

In particular, its container has a special roll for the user to massage and take care of her skin on her own. It is a cosmetic product combining an applicator. You can adjust the amount of the product and press the major parts of your face to enjoy both proper tension and cooling effect.

It is a highly-enriched functional oriental nutritional ampoule for 28 days of use, containing deer antlers, ginseng extracts, and Schizophyllum commune Fr. extracts, which are effective for moisturizing and elasticity of skin. It fills your tired and dry skin with plentiful moisture and nutrition for you to have smooth and healthy skin. How about completing your skin care with this ‘Goo Ha-ra ampoule’ if you are waiting for a special day? (photo by Coreana, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2015-04-24 15:33:30 / Update: 2015-04-27 18:25:59

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