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The Aesthetics Of The Clashing Of Colors

[by Shin Hyun Jung] Color blocking is a designing method in which blocks are created using various colors. A metaphysical structure is created through this use of a lump of one color with another lump of a different color. The boundaries of the colors are divided with a line.

It is easier to think of this concept in terms of Mondrian’s painting style, consisting of several different colors. The collaboration of color blocks has a graphic essence.

▶ Color Blocking

Classic color blocking is essentially black and white. It is impossible to decipher the start, whether a black-surfaced block was imprinted into a white background or a white-surfaced block was engraved into a black background. The one thing that is for certain is the fact that the various blocks and lines of black and white are mixed together to create a rhythmical mood.

If you go one step ahead of this black and white stage, the importance of colors comes into play. Adding a color block of a high pigmentation to a black or white background can create numerous variations.

Mixing color blocks of clear cobalt blue with white, yellow or orange with black, or red with white are some suggested collaborations that can create sophisticated and elegant patterns.

▶ Variations of Color Blocking

1. Face Makeup

Color blocking is no longer limited to the form of clothing. Color blocking appears in makeup as well.

Firstly, changes have been seen in lip makeup. Two-tone lips, now known as the patented look of idol stars, have become easier to do with the launching of lipstick products that flaunt two tones with just one touch. The product contains two distinct colors and creates immediate color blocks when applied. The boundary is clearly visible, unlike gradation.

Using the product for areas other than the lip can also expand the possibilities for the uses of the product. Using the product to express vivid colors as on eyes, especially with complementary colors, can allow your makeup to stand out through color blocking.

2. Nail

Color blocks can also express on nails. Because blocks are already formed on the nails, alternating between two colors every other finger can create a natural color blocking effect. This is a common method chosen without putting much effort.

An upgraded method is to use a French Sticker to create a boundary within one nail. Other various methods for color blocking exist as well, such as the method of applying a neutral colored background while applying a vivid color partially on the nail in the form of an upside-down V.

Nail color blocking can be accentuated when applied with a gel nail polish. KONAD, a company known for their stamping nail art products, recommended the ‘Magic Art Gel Package” as a good tool for color blocking.

The product consists of 2015 trending colors such as spring mint, deep marsala and classic blue as well as steady sellers such as cream beige and peach pink and is perfect for portraying various color blocking designs. Another tip is to combine both blocking and patterns to create a more elegant and sophisticated style.(photo by: KONAD, LANEIGE, bntNews DB)

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