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La Mer – Coregen – Valmont: BEST 3 Cosmetics Loved by Baby Faces

[by Song Eun Ji] The hottest beauty keyword of 2015 is probably ‘baby face’.

For a baby face that does not have any trace of time, the most important thing to pay attention to is the cosmetic products you apply every day. For those interested, it’s not anti-wrinkles items that are currently receiving the limelight but evolved regenerating cosmetic.

Regenerating cosmetic products helps cell regeneration so that skin turns back time. They made the ‘down-aging’ dream come true hence have become the optimal beauty items, and are loved by everyone regardless of gender or age.

The representative item of Valmont, a skincare brand that resorts to the purity of Swiss Alps’ glaciers’ water, is the Renewing Pack.

It’s a cream type mask pack that helps DNA cells’ regeneration and its particularity is that it creates a new skin in a very short time. It’s amazingly popular for how it immediately treats skin and helps cells regenerate thanks to global word of mouth.

Also, La Mer, which was launched by the Estee Lauder group in 1996, is especially famous for regenerative effects. Its representative product is the Crème de la Mer, which was initially developed by Doctor Max Huber to cure his burn.

The Crème de la Mer is mainly composed of a special solution called ‘miracle broth’, which is extracted from giant seaweeds that were fermented at a low temperature for six months. It effectively helps skin regeneration, moisturizes, and restores elasticity, no wonder why the whole world is crazy about it.

There’s a brand that, following Valmont and La Mer, combines oriental treatments with occidental beauty. It’s Catalina Coregen, which is currently receiving the limelight as a new regenerating cosmetic line. Catalina Coregen was developed in the research labs of Lamy Cosmetics, a company that retraces the history of Korean beauty through DongA Pharmaceutical, Korea’s best Oriental-medicine related company.

Catalina Coregen resorts to rh-EGF, component of sodium, as well as to vegetal stem-cell to expedite cell regeneration. It’s famous for its anti-aging line which, besides its Renewing Pack – of which you can see the effects immediately -, contains various excellent products such as its Renewing Cream or Renewing Ampoule Serum. (photos by Catalina Coregen, La Mer, Valmont, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2015-05-18 19:15:47 / Update: 2015-05-18 20:02:02

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