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“Want A Young Looking Skin Like the Celebrity?” Avoid UV-rays

 [By Song Eun Ji] If you want to look as young as celebrities, put on sun block.

Intense sunlight is the main reason behind skin aging. If exposure to intense sunlight goes beyond two hours, remember that skin barrier breaks down and speeds up the aging process by causing pigmentation and wrinkling.
How then should sun block, the first step to a younger skin, be done? Korea’s design cosmetic brand, ‘Too cool for schoo
l’ offers methods to perfectly protect one’s skin from UV rays.

Method 1: Putting On Sunscreen Before Going Out Is A Must

Putting on sunscreen before going out is not a choice but a must. Before putting on makeup, one must apply a sunscreen that has good sun blocking effect and can be used as a makeup base or primer on one’s entire face.


It is a multifunctional sunscreen that not only has UV ray protection effect but also covers wrinkles, pores, and dark spots. It also has makeup base and primer effect, allowing makeup to be less thick and protects the skin for extended hours even through sweat and sebum.

Method 2:  A Sun Makeup That Gives a Light And Thin Finish

Aside from a perfect UV ray protection, thickness of makeup must be considered for a healthy skin. Try using a multi-item in order to get a thin makeup finish. If one uses a multi-item that contains a BB foundation effect on top of UV protection, one can achieve a thin but complete makeup finish.

Too cool for school DINOPLATZ U.F.O MULTIBOX
It is a light but complete multi-item that has an intensive sun blocking effect of SPF50+, PA+++ and contains a BB foundation, pore balm, concealer, and lip and cheek all in one pack. One can not only protect oneself from UV rays but also display a smooth and spotless skin.

Method 3: A Secret Weapon For A Perfect UV Ray Prevention

For a perfect UV ray protection effect, one must put on the sun block every 2-3 hours. However, since one cannot apply sunscreen on an elaborately done makeup, they must use a sun mist that can be used anywhere and anytime.

This is a light sun mist that can be sprayed on wet and sweaty skin without chunking up. Since it contains Alaska’s fresh glacier water, snowflakes, and ice plant, it does not only prevent skin from UV rays but also prevents skin from drying up.

Method 4:  Don’t Forget Sunscreen Even When Correcting Makeup

Even when correcting makeup, sunscreen must not be forgotten. Use a powder in order to show off a soft and beautiful skin as if makeup is just finished. It is more effective if a powder pact that includes UV ray protection and whitening effect is used, making the skin look more beautiful.

Too cool for school UV COVER PACT
It is a powder pact with strong UV ray protection of SPF50+, PA+++ and a whitening effect. The aloe and ceramide extracts build a moisture layer on the skin. It is made up of fine and light particles, making it neat even with multiple applications. (Photo Credit: Too cool for school, bntNews DB)

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