Outdoor Sensitivity Expressed With Fashion And Makeup

[By Shin Hyun Jeong] The outdoor trend that started 2-3 years ago did not subside yet. People who sought to enjoy a liberated lifestyle turned outdoors with activities such as hiking, cycling, and camping, and this started a trend.

The stress on outdoor fashion also greatly influenced beauty. The outdoor look that used to be worn on special days became a norm and even makeup is being optimized to fit an active look that can deal with sweating.  

So what is May 2015’s outdoor style trend?

Fashion, No Distinction Between Indoors and Outdoors

Fashion reacted sensitively to the outdoor trend. Terms that express activeness and functionality such as ‘sportism look’ and ‘athleisure look’ in addition to ‘outdoor look’ came out. In particular, the word ‘athleisure,’ which combines ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure,’ is used in expressing a look that combines a formal office look and an outdoor look and it is grabbing the attention of many.

In this situation where even outdoor look is divided into further categories, how can one choose an outfit that fits in with proper time and place in May?

If you like outdoor activities, take note of the styles of Shin Min-ah, KARA’s Youngji who came out in the Outdoor Festival. They showed the standard of a sporty look by wearing jogging pants, a zip up outer, and leggings.

If one is looking for an athleisure look that can be worn not only for activities but in general, one can gain some hints from the styles of Sistar’s Bora and Hyolyn. Choose a blouson and pants that are made of a material that is commonly used for athletic wears such as terry and jersey. It is also good to put on a light running shirt to express liveliness.
Beauty, Light Makeup With Intensive Sweat Proof Effect

The outdoor trend not only influenced fashion but also affected beauty. An active look is the point, so a cheerful makeup style that gives point on one part of the face is currently gaining popularity. Also, people love sweat-resistant products.

First, in terms of eye makeup, other than black and brown, vivid colors such as blue, green, and navy are used to draw sharp eyes. If one wants to give point with the lips, a vivid colored lipstick is used.


Moreover, the skin is particularly important in outdoor makeup. This is because the most important part of sporty makeup is a skin that looks healthy and active. Once oiliness is gotten rid of with waterproof powder and a bronzer is applied for glow, the skin will look healthy.

It is also important to be able to correct makeup with products that can allow one to skip all the complex makeup steps. A product that has both a sun block effect and a cushion pact that can maintain a healthy skin expression and can combat sweat should be used.

01 Avene Sun Emulsion
02 NARS The Multiple
03 SU:M37 Sun away Cooling Sun CC

(Photo Credit: SU:M, VDL, Make Up Forever, Avene, NARS, bntNews DB)

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