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‘Ready, Get set, Go!’

[by Shin Hyun Jung] ‘Jet-setter’ used to be a word for those who belong to the upper class. They usually have a comfortable and leisurely life-style such as travelling with their private jets and cruising.

But as time goes by, people’s value is changing and more want to enjoy the present time and leisure. This word ‘Jet-setter’ is not a word for the upper class anymore. Everyone who enjoy the holidays with a free life-style is a jet-setter.

With this, jet-setter’s fashion, such as the vacation look and makeup, became a hot issue as well. Let me introduce you the elegant and sophisticated fashion to attract people’s attention.


The fashion guide to become a trendy jet-setter is definitely Goo Hara’s airport fashion. Not long ago, she was at the airport and wore a simple black t-shirt with a wide fancy jumpsuit. The outfit looked really comfortable but she didn’t forget to give a point on the look by wearing a boldly designed watch and platform shoes.

She already showed another kind of jet-setter outfit last year by matching a boxy black dress with a white shirt and completed the look with a broad-brimmed hat. She created a perfect vacation look by matching simple colors like black and white and the chicness was emphasized by her hat.

Furthermore, you can produce another type of jet-setter look with denim and jersey. Actress Yoon Eunhye sported a striped top with high-waisted cropped jeans. By choosing a special type of pants, she added an attractive point to a look that could have been dull.

Entertainer Kim Nayoung, well-known as a fashionista, flaunted an all-denim jet-setter look. She had a special denim shirt whose seam was exposed out with dark blue jeans. To finish, she highlighted the outfit with bold metal bracelets and necklace.


The fundamental point of jet-setter’s makeup is how well you create the harmony with sunglasses. Don’t forget that it’s the must-have items of that kind of celebrities.

For this, lip makeup is the most important step and you have to match the color with the items. If you put large sunglasses that cover the half of your face like Goo Hara and Kim Nayoung’s, choose a nude-colored lipstick. But if you prefer to wear those with a white unique shape like Yoon Eunhye’s, pick a strong red lipstick.

However, the required condition of a jet-setter’s makeup is healthy and moist skin. You have to emphasize your skin’s healthiness with natural makeup by just covering flaws. It’s forbidden to do a heavy makeup.

Cooling Sun CC Pack is the perfect item for it since it’s handy to carry, contains gel mist to provide moisture at any time, blocks the sun rays and corrects your skin tone. You don’t have to worry about your makeup with this! (photo by Su:m37, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, bntnews DB)

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