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Q&A For Summer Skin Care By KICHO

[By Song Eunji] The recent diurnal temperature range is almost 10°C.

The large temperature swing makes skin weaker. Hotness at noon and dryness in the evening make people confused about how they can take care of their skin.

Here are tips for you. Natural cosmetic brand KICHO answers your questions about summer skin care secrets.

Q. As I have dry skin, I usually wear thick base makeup. But I always hit a mid-day makeup slump. It feels heavy. Please let me know how to put on summer makeup.

A. ‘Lightness’ is the key point of summer makeup. Thick base makeup not only makes you feel heavy but also causes dryness. It is recommended, therefore, to use multi-functional beauty products to decrease thickness.

KICHO‘s Pick! KICHO Complete Correction Cream
The multi-functional item which can brighten skin tones and block UV rays (SPF30/PA++) helps to make a clear complexion and to keep neat and fluffy makeup all day long.

Q. I know that sunscreen is essential in summer but it is not that easy to pick one which is completely suitable for me among a huge number of products.

A. The summer sun accelerates skin aging. That is why you should not forget to use sunscreen before going out. When you buy an item, you had better consider its SPF, white cast and other effects thoroughly.

KICHO‘s Pick! KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream, SPF50+++/PA+++

The sunscreen which contains vegetable placenta and patented natural compounds relieves and moisturizes your skin. It effectively protects your skin from UV rays and has no white cast.

Q. I have oily skin. It becomes greasy easily the summer. Is frequent face washing good for me?

A. In the summer, you have to take care of your skin more thoroughly as sweat, sebum and dirt can clog pores to cause skin troubles. But too much face washing can also dehydrate your skin. Therefore, it is best to clean your face twice or three times a day.

KICHO‘s Pick! 01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser
Natural surfactant and deep sea water in the beauty item will eliminate dirt on your skin without causing any trouble.
02 KICHO Bubble Pore Brush
Superfine fibers remove all dirt and dead skin cells to make your skin flawless.

Q. I have dry skin but I don’t want to use heavy skin care items. Please let me know summer skin care tips to have light and moisturized skin.

A. Don’t add more skin care items. Rather, focus on the ingredients of a product. A beauty item containing Lanolin will moisturize your skin without giving heaviness.

KICHO‘s Pick! KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM-Lanolin & 8berry
The cream which includes Lanolin made from lambswool can complete your simple skin care routine without causing any trouble or stickiness. Eight berries called multi vitamins in the product improves your elaborate skin management.
(photo by KICHO, bnt news DB)

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