The Youthful Makeup Reports of Stars In Their Thirties, ‘Lim Soo Jung, Choi Gang Hee, Han Ji Min’

[by Yang Wan Sun] The standards for beauty have constantly changed depending on the time period. If Western facial structures and dimensions were the standards for beauty in the 1990’s, the criteria for beauty now has become ‘youth’.

For this reason, celebrities who appear younger than their actual age have become highly popular. Some representative ‘youthful stars’ are Lim Soo Jung, Choi Gang Hee, and Han Ji Min. Although they are all in their mid to late thirties, these youthful stars appear as though they are in their thirties.

Somebody may claim that because they are celebrities they must receive consistent skin care and that cosmetic surgery will play a part as well. Although it may not be 100 percent wrong, it is true that makeup plays a big role in creating a youthful look, besides from the congenital beauty.

▶ Lim Soo Jung – Using ‘Dewy Makeup’ To Create Flawless Clear Skin

Lim Soo Jung is a celebrity known for her dewy makeup look. She was able to show her girlish and pure feminine image through her dewy and glowing makeup on the red carpet of the ‘Blue Dragon Film Awards’. The blue colored dress with the see through detail added to her feminine beauty.

If you possess a skin as good as Lim Soo Jung’s, a clear and light makeup can be created by using a foundation that is one tone brighter than your own. However, if you do not, it is important to start from the basic skincare routine.

Before starting the base makeup, apply essence on to a cotton pad and use it as a basic skincare product. Then, apply more essence on to the cotton and place it on the skin like a mask pack. After moisturizing the skin, go light on the eye shadow and choose a nude pink tone for the lip color. Using a mist every so often can help maintain this dewy makeup throughout the day.

▶ Choi Gang Hee – Creating A Shiny ‘Baby Face’ Using Foundation

Actress Choi Gang Hee is 30 this year. Her youthful face makes it hard for anybody to guess that she will turn 40 soon. She was able to receive the attention of many for her young appearance when she attended the 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week Steve J & Yoni P photo wall.

If you wish to follow Choi Gang Hee’s makeup, first massage the face with moisturizing cream. Then, use a foundation with good coverage to cover blemishes while creating a slight shine. At this stage it is important to choose a foundation product that has minimal oiliness and good moisture.

The key point of Choi Gang Hee’s makeup is not to use matte powders. Matte powders decrease the glow that has been created on the face.

▶ Han Ji Min – Using Feminine Lip Makeup To Show Freshness

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of actress Han Ji Min is ‘femininity’. When she attended the GV concert for the movie ‘ Salut d’Amour’, the 34 year old appeared as though she was 24 with her girlish lip makeup.

The key point of Han Ji Min’s makeup is a lipstick with good coloration. She used a vivid coral color to portray vitality while giving off a lovely and radiant image.

In addition, she used a shining base in the highlighter zone to create a natural and subtle glow to her face while using a brown color for her eyebrows in order to create an overall natural makeup look.

▶ Editor’s Pick

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02 The 2STEP AQUARINGER MASK PLUS from Leaders Cosmetic is a product that allows for strong moisture boosting through its hyaluronatic acid ampoule. Therefore, the product helps creates firm and moist skin through its direct supply of moisture energy.
03 MAC Mineralise rich Lipstick is a product that has sufficient moisture and outstanding conditioning effects through its various mineral and complex components. The product’s color is long lasting and stylish as well, making it an attractive item.(photo by: bntNews DB, Leaders Cosmetic, Avene, MAC)

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