‘Idol vs Female Celebrity’ Different Lip Makeup

[By Kim Hee Young] Let’s have a look at the lip makeups that allows idols and female celebrities to change infinitely.

There is a saying that states that women’s change is not considered guilty. ‘Change’ is a must for celebrities’ who needs to show different images. Plastic surgery can antagonize people so there are a lot of celebrities who use makeup to change their image.

Especially, the trend between female celebrities revolves around lipsticks. They use it to change not only their face but their characteristics. There is a difference between makeup of idols whom need to show strong performances on stage and the female celebrities whom needs to make people concentrate on their acting. The article will introduce the celebrities’ twist lip makeup methods.

VOL 1. Ha Ni – Bo Ra – Da Som. Lively Face ‘Deep color’

Girl group members usually put on lip makeup that suits their individuality and music concept. Especially idol members who need to show strong performances tend to put on deep colored lipsticks so it can show up through bright lightings.

EXID member Ha Ni uses a red lipstick which suits her white face. Sistar member Bo Ra uses fluorescent orange red lipstick to show lively but girlish mood.

VOL 2. Hwang Seung Un – Nam Bo Ra – Choi Yeo Jin, Female Celebrity Lip Makeup.

Female celebrities can show their charms through acting. They avoid strong makeup in order to show their feelings and expressions. Normally, they put on a light lip makeup but sometimes they put on strong colors according to their character.

Actress Hwang Seung Un used a red lipstick as a point to match her emphasized eye makeup. Nam Bo Ra used a peach colored lipstick to express modern feminism. Choi Yeo Jin used a light pink lip stick to match her pink hairband and the color of the letters on her t-shirt expressed bright and lovely image.

High Quality Lip Makeup Item

1. Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge Very light but the color can be seen even with just a single touch. The moisture holding system makes a moist barrier on the lip which allows the color to last longer. Also, the thick hybrid tip helps the color to get applied evenly on the lips.

2. Burberry Lip and Cheek Bloom A multi-product which contains 6 lively colors and can be used both on the lips and cheek. The velvet texture gives soft and silky finish. Different colors can be made by mixing colors.

3. Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer The shiny color expresses a brown makeup. Half translucent formula with vitamin and sheer butter natural oil expresses moist but vivid lip color.

4. eSpoir Couture Touch Lip Fluid Thinly applies without any stickiness but gives moisture to the lip. It fills the lip wrinkles and the texture makes voluminous lip. The color shows up and shines even if you use a little bit of the product.
(Photo by : bnt News DB, Innisfree, Burberry, Tom Ford, eSpoir)

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