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‘Skin,’ The Older Girls’ Charm that Captivates Younger Guys

[by Soojin Choi] After School’s member Jung Ah and basketball player Chang Young Jeong’s relationship news is a big issue. Jung Ah’s agency reported that they get along and are getting to know each other. One of the reasons that this couple is receiving attention is that they are 5 years apart, with Jung Ah being the older one. Also, singer Baek Ji Young and actor Jung Seok Won who got married in 2013 are 9 years apart, with Baek Ji Young being the older one.

What is the charm that makes many older girls captivate younger guys? Younger guys say that it how they understand and embrace them. In addition, it is also their firm and beautiful skin. Baek Ji Young revealed on an entertainment program that she constantly does skin care to overcome the age difference with her husband.  

We have found out the ways to be born again with young and beautiful skin.

‘Stress’ is the Enemy of Skin!

According to a study result, it has been reported that emotional upheavals make one’s skin look older. Too much concern increases cortisol, a hormone that causes stress. Cortisol causes inflammation that damages collagen, the major protein of skin, creating blemishes or acne.

Thus, it is important to find the ways to solve stress that fit oneself. Regular sleep, eating habits, and communication are common ways to manage stress. Listening to music is also good to relieve stress, because it stimulates endorphin and helps one feel comfortable.

‘Regular Exercise,’ also for Body Line Management

People who exercise regularly have more elastic skin that people who don’t, because exercise provides oxygen and nutrients that are essential to generate collagen. It also vitalizes body circulation more actively and eliminates waste from the body, thereby creating clear and glowing skin.

However, too much exercise rather exhausts the body and skin. It is good to workout 30 minutes every day so that it is not too much on you. One tip is to drink water once every 30 minutes for supplying moisture to your body.

‘IT’ ITEM that Makes Younger Skin

01 ‘Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate’
intensively supplies nutrients to skin, strengthens skin barrier, and improves skin to be firm and shiny.
02 ‘Amaranth Placenta PP Cream’ provides a plenty of nutrients and moisture to tired skin to make it healthy and elastic. Also, it brightens skin tone from dull and dark skin.
03 ‘SISLEY SISLEYA Eye and LIP COUNTOUR CREAM’ supplies moisture to the eyes and lips, the weakest parts of the skin, brings vitality back, and improves aging skin.
(Photo by: Amaranth, Screenshots from Baek Ji Young and Jeong Chang Young’s Instagram, bntnews DB)

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