Enjoy ‘Hot Summer Vacation with ‘Too Cool for School’

[By Song Eunji] As scorching hot weather continues, the official vacation season is approaching.

What we should pay attention to as much as our schedule to enjoy our vacation is ‘beauty styling.’ It is because stylish point makeup added to comfortable clothes maximizes the vacation mood.

We have prepared this article for women dreaming of hot summer vacation. We reveal a ‘7-day Beauty Styling Plan for Perfect Vacation’ suggested by Korea’s design cosmetic ‘too cool for school.’

Vacation D-7
Getting into Shape for Swimsuit

You look forward to having fun in cool water but are afraid of it at the same time because of the ‘swimsuit.’ If you want to show off your hot bikini body, get into shape with a strict diet, exercise, and slimming care from at least one week before the vacation.

Reduce the size of your meal into half for short-term diet. After, manage yourself to have a perfect bikini body by constantly applying a slimming product that has been proven to be effective for reducing the thickness of cellulite, swelling, and volume, with exercise.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!
‘too cool for school SKINNY BODY SODA’ A slimming product that was proven to temporarily help reduce the thickness of cellulite, swelled up legs, and thigh volume, it was approved by clinical test. Air bubble massage tenses the body and enables complex body care such as elasticity, firming, and soothing care.

Vacation D-1
Packing ‘Sunblock’ for Perfect Vacation

What you should put in first when packing your vacation pouch is a sunblock. Take a basic sunscreen item and a mist-type sunblock you can reapply at anytime, anywhere.

Also, a soothing gel for after sun care is essential to maintain healthy skin without any damage. With a soothing gel that is made in a light pouch type and is easy to carry, keep perfect skin condition at your vacation spot.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!
01 ‘ARTIFY JEAN GEORGE LLONG SUN BLOCK, SPF50+/PA+++’ Multifunctional sunscreen that not only has a powerful sunblock effect but also has the functions of wrinkle improvement, whitening, skin soothing, makeup base, and primer.
02 ‘ARTIFY JEAN GEORGE LLONG SUN PROTECTION MIST, SPF50+/PA+++’ Powerful sun mist that can be used without opaqueness, lumpiness, and stickiness but also helps quench skin thirst.
03 ‘ARTIFY JEAN GEORGE LLONG EXTRA SOOTHING GEL’ Pouch-type soothing gel, which contains ingredients such as a cooling complex, aloe vera leaf juice, and thorn bamboo extracts to sooth skin irritated by external environment and forms a moisture wall to restore skin condition. _ All are ‘too cool for school’ products.

Vacation D-DAY
Light but Perfect Vacation Makeup

Since you will have to stay outdoor all day, you should wear thin and light makeup as much as possible. First, apply pore balm to cover the T-zone and areas with large pores, and thinly put on cushion-type BB foundation on the entire face.

For the parts that are not easily covered by the BB foundation, use a small amount of concealer. Then, slightly apply pink coral cream cheek blush on both cheeks and wear long lasting tint on the lips.

If you want a not too excessiveyet stylish vacation makeup, use color mascara. Ordinary brown color is good, but if you apply pink or blue mascara that can express an excited vacation mood at the end of your makeup routine, you can complete a stylish but not too heavy vacation look.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!
01 ‘DINOPLATZ U.F.O MULTIBOX’ A multi-box combining all items needed to fix makeup such as pore balm, BB foundation, concealer, and lip and cheek in one box to dramatically reduce the pouch’s weight.
02 ‘CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT’ A 3rd-generation tint that has all 3 elements of durability, coloring, and luster through ‘too cool for school’s own golden ratio of 30% water and 70% oil.
03 ‘CHECK HOT GIRL LASH’ Colorful volume mascara which allows neat and not lumpy curling, and has strong durability for perfect vacation makeup. _ All are ‘too cool for school’ products.
(Photo by: too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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