Welcoming The Summer With A Cosmetics Diet by KICHO

[by Song Eun Ji] For those that wish to maintain healthy skin during the summer, it is good to start a ‘cosmetics diet’.

A cosmetics diet, which consists in lessening the amount of cosmetic products used, is a necessary habit. However it is hard to decide how and where to begin decreasing the number of products used.

This is for women who wish for perfect skincare with the use of only a few cosmetic products. Let’s examine the summer cosmetics diet suggested by Korea’s leading natural cosmetic brand KICHO.

Minimize The ‘Skin Makeup’ Stage

Most makeup items are used during the skin makeup stage. Women normally use around 5 to 6 products for coverage and basic skincare during this stage. However, it is important to remember that the more the number of products used increases, the more irritated the skin may become.

The best way to decrease the amount of cosmetic products applied is to use multi-function products. CC creams are especially helpful items in that it takes care of skincare, UV ray protection, can serve as makeup base and as foundation but also helps with perfect skin makeup as well.

KICHO Complete Correction Cream
This makeup item is a multi-function product that not only has whitening effects but wrinkle correction, UV ray protection, and skin tone correction. The product creates a natural look without grey areas and helps portray a radiant face while helping the face remain moisturized and in perfect condition thanks to its little oil content.

Skincare Cosmetics, What Are Some Necessary Products?

When observing the skincare routine of most females there are at least three, at most ten, products used starting from toner to moisturizing cream. However, unless there is a sufficient amount of time for you to have the skin absorb all the products, two products are enough to finish the skincare stage.

‘Moisturizing cream’ is one product that should definitely be used. After cleansing, apply toner or essence onto your slightly wet face and tab lightly to help skin absorb the products. Then, apply moisturizing cream made out of components that are non-irritant, such as lanolin, to the entire face to finish off the skincare routine.

01 KICHO Phyto Natural Total Essence This functional essence product contains 7 different patented natural mixed components such as fermented beans and willow tree that calm the skin and have soothing effects. The highly concentrated essence absorbs deep into the skin to promote a bright and radiant complexion.
02 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM-Lanolin & 8berry This non-irritant sheep oil cream is a multi-function product with natural oil extracted from young sheep wool. In addition to the sheep oil component, 8 berries also called ‘multi-vitamins’ are included to produce protection, moisturizing, whitening, and antioxidant effects.
(photo by: KICHO, bntNews DB)

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