The ‘Hot Summer Makeup’ Trends Of Girl Groups

[by Kim Hee Young] Popular girl groups portray hot trending makeup for the summer.

As the seasons have changed, makeup styles and beauty products have also transformed as well. As products suited for summer have launched, the makeup of idols, trendsetters for makeup looks, have also transformed to shine on stage.

Makeup styles of girl group members, who are at the center of the Korean Wave, all vary. Let’s examine 2015 ‘hot summer makeup’ through the unique point makeup looks of female idol stars.

POINT 1. Han Seung Yeon-Goo Hara, Sunshine Nail Art

‘Nails’ have become a popular beauty item for summer. This is especially apparent through the changing colors that can be seen on the nails of girl group members who match their nail colors with the appropriate concept of their clothes and makeup.

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon and Goo Hara chose to match a nude makeup that accentuated their pale complexion and a red lipstick with red nails to create nail art that seemed to depict the strong sunshine of summer.

POINT 2. Heo Yeong Ji-Dasom, Moist Lipstick

Even on days with light makeup, one point that girl groups cannot give up is the ‘lip’. Lipsticks come in a wide selection of colors, making them ‘it items’ that express not only the individualistic image of each singer but the mood of that day as well.

KARA’s Heo Yeong Ji portrayed a lovely makeup using a lipstick in a define shade of pink which allowed her lips to appear moist. Sistar’s Dasom’s makeup expressed her pale complexion well and a red lipstick was used to add a detail that allowed her to look feminine and sexy at the same time.

POINT 3. Yuri-Park Gyuri, Confident And Defined Eyes

If you possess defined dimensions, it is not necessary to do smoky makeup. However, portraying a confident image through defined eyes is an important factor for girl groups. When purchasing eye products for summer, it is always good to check whether or not the item is waterproof.

Girl’s Generation’s Yuri portrayed a natural makeup that was accentuated at top and end of her eye using black eyeliner. KARA’s Park Gyuri expressed voluminous lashes through the use of mascara and portrayed a charismatic and confident look through her makeup.

▶ Girl Group Summer Point Makeup

Nail care in summer is a must. If you wish to portray luxurious nails, try Ten Seconds High-Glossy Bead Gel Nails (1) in 3 Summer colors. 41 Neon Light Orange, 42 The Blue Night Of Jeju Island, and 40 Neon Light Pink are part of a new color line created by taking the thoughts of consumers into consideration, It portrays a high degree of glossy bead shine. The nail product is known to dry fast as well as to apply on smoothly without brush marks.

If you wish to add a point to your look through the color of your lips, try using Ten Seconds High-Tox Lipstick (2) in 3 Summer colors. The line consists of the colors V03 Playful Pink , V02 Sunshine Day, and V01 Disco Purple and is a long-lasting non-sticky lipstick. This summertime hot trending product applies on smoothly and finishes off with a soft texture due to its velvet system.

If you wish for a glossy and moist lipstick try Ten Seconds High-Tox Gel Rouge (3) in 3 Summer colors. The line is made of 04 Pink Bouquet, 05 Purple In Love Affair, 06 and Apricot Love and contains more than 45% water to create clear coloration. The product is also known for its non-sticky and long lasting formula.

If you wish to accentuate highly curled eyelashes and defined eyes use Special Edition Ten Seconds High-Solution Power Long Lash Mascara (4). If the product is used with a multi makeup pencil, you will be able to portray a girl group eye shadow look with depth as well as long lashes.
(photo by: bntNews DB, Coreana Cosmetics)


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