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[bnt pictorial] Do You Know Oh Jung Sae?

[by Sora Ghim, photo by Kim Tae Oh] With each work, he has a different color. Actor Oh Jung Sae’s passion for his work has led to his stacked filmography.

He doesn’t have blindingly good looks or fancy eloquence, but he is called a ‘homme fatale.’ Charismatic acting, apathetic acting, rated R acting and comedic actions, if Oh Jung Sae does it, that’s what it becomes.

We met with him when he was in the latter half of filming for tvN drama ‘The Lover.’ He said it was about 2 years since his last pictorial shoot and he felt awkward. However, he once again showed his various colors.

In this pictorial that was taken with 3 concepts, he pulled off a variety of looks from a suit to casual.

The first concept showed ‘masculinity.’ He wore a suit and was full of charisma. With his tough gaze and detailed expressions, he made the pictures stand out.

Moving on, he showed the cheerful side of Oh Jung Sae. Wearing a blue china shirt and denim shorts, he completed a refreshing look and showed a completed different side than before. He gave humorous and witty expressions.

Lastly, he changed into a white shirt, pants and a gray jacket for a dandy look. Using the props, he did dynamic poses and used them in various ways, making the staff watching him laugh.

In the interview that followed the shoot, he talked about his drama ‘The Lover’ and on his realistic ‘19+ chemistry’ with Ryu Hyun Kyung. “I didn’t want to pretend. There’s the fact that it’s 19+ but I thought that I should show realistic couple acting so the viewers aren’t uncomfortable. That’s why I talked a lot with Hyun Kyung and we worked together.”

On his modifier, ‘owner of devilish charms,’ he said, “I think it formed after the movie ‘How to Use Guys with Secret Tips.’ At first I didn’t know what it meant. I’m not crazy good looking and I’m not a flower boy, but in that movie I came out as a popular top star. Honestly, it makes no sense (laughs).”

When asked about the increase of people recognizing him he commented, “After appearing on ‘Happy Together,’ the number of people recognizing me increased. But I prefer just not being noticed.”

Talking about his age he responded, “There are many people who don’t know my age. However, that’s not important. The most important that is not being someone’s wife, someone’s father but being just actor Oh Jung Sae and acting the characters he plays.”

On a role he wants to try playing, he said, “I want to become an actor that has twists and surprise. Also a monstrous antagonist.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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Oh Jung Sae Pictorial

Write: 2015-06-30 10:38:14 / Update: 2015-06-30 00:00:00

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