What Are The Things That You Cannot Do? Publications Of Beauties, Hyoyeon – Hara

[by Shin Hyun Jung] Hyoyeon from Girl’s Generation and Goo Hara from Kara debuted in 2007 and 2009 respectively. 7-8 years after their debut, they are now top-listed idols

They presented diverse concepts in every album of their group and showed their talents in different areas as solo artists. They gained the title of beauty icon and took up a new challenge as authors to publish their books


Hyoyeon has become a style icon of her group due to her short hairstyle and changed her image dramatically with her eyebrows.

Hyoyeon’s ultimate beauty is unveiled by this change which surprised the public. She then conquered the upper ranks of the beauty chart of her group and her beauty styles are spotlighted.

Her new released book ‘HYO STYLE’ tells the process of her change and introduces her styles that showed before in an organized way. Instead of her identity as a member of Girl’s Generation, the book highlights her own identity as Kim Hyoyeon.

Bright lipsticks, short hair and more are taboos that she set for herself, however, she got over them and took up new challenges that she enjoyed a lot. If you are curious about her styles, grab this book and read it.


Goo Hara is well-known for her fashion sense among idols. She gained reputation and has been continuously referred to as a beauty icon.

She does a great job as a host of a beauty program and proved her fashion sense by presenting eye-catching styles in public events.

Goo Hara’s new published book ‘NAIL HARA’ is divided into different parts to introduce various fields in detail, highlighting the professionalism of Goo Hara. As a well-known beauty icon, she shared her expertise in the book which increases its appeal.

The book has a ‘1+1’ design with the motifs ‘Cat Nail’ and ‘Lips Nail’. It is said that everyone can try to do manicure by themselves easily following the techniques introduced through the essays. Nail arts of diverse themes are taught enriching the content of the book.

Company K, a professional nail brand, revealed their feeling of Goo Hara’s nail book, “Knowledge shared by celebrities, who are style icons, might have more influence over the public. It provides a chance to bring back the trend of self-nail and will raise people’s attention”, sharing their expectation. (photo by: Konad, Hyoyeon’s Instagram, Goo Hara’s Instagram, bntnews DB)

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