Three Things To Know To Get An Actress-like ‘Preservative Beauty’

[by Yang Mi Young, translated by You-bin Ha] Even 10 years after their debut, actresses keep their beauty and their young-looking face is always women’s interest.

Aging starts from the middle of twenties so it’s better to start an anti-aging care as soon as possible. Let’s dig into three actresses Jun Jihyun, Lee Dahae and Gong Hyojin’s beauty.

*Skincare Is The Basis

Skin is the standard of beauty and the main factor to make a person look younger. As time goes by, people get older so skin loses its elasticity and became dull with flaws and freckles.

Washing face and basic care are the most important points of a skincare so don’t neglect them. To get a clear skin, cleanly wash your skin’s waste.

*The Biggest Enemy Of Aging, How To Prevent Dryness?

These three actresses have a moist skin in common. Their shiny skin completes their beauty with a natural brilliance.

If you have a tight and dry skin, wrinkles will be easily formed. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your skin moist all day by providing enough moisture.

*A Rigorous Maintenance Even For Body’s Skin

Women put lots of efforts into face’s skin but usually don’t for the body’s one. Some parts such as neck, hand and foot are more exposed so aging comes faster.

That’s why actresses make sure to always have a moist body. They eliminate dead cells with a scrub and never forget to put a body cream or oil after shower.

*Beauty Items For A Young-looking Skin

01.    LAFINE, Vegetable Foam Cleansing: Its bubble that contains moisture components of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, parsley, tomato and water parsley effectively clean skin’s waste.

02.    L’OCCITANE, Citrus Verbena Fresh Milk : Lemon’s extracts provide moisture and the mild body milk softly regenerate skin without any stimulation.

03.    LAFINE, Vegetable Firming Massage Cream: It’s a massage cream with lots of fresh vegetable ingredients. When you will gently apply it on your skin, you will directly feel its moistness and elasticity.

04.    Dior, Prestige White correction La crème éclaircissante: Its velvet-like soft texture surrounds skin and preserves its softness as long as possible.

05.    Chanel, Le Lift: It’s a serum that gives youth and vitality on your skin. With this, you will have a toned skin that will last for 12 hours. (photo by LAFINE Yachae, Chanel, Dior, L’OCCITANE, bntnews DB).


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