[5-Minute Beauty in Yakson House by Kim Hyun Sook] Beauty Care For Brides-to-be This Autumn

[by Beauty Team/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Brides-to-be this autumn in September and October are busy preparing for their wedding ceremonies held only in a few months.

They are swamped with things and running out of time, so it’s easy for them to neglect self-care. It cannot be delayed anymore now. To be the most beautiful self in your lifetime on your wedding day, a guide is needed to provide you with beauty care tips.

Kim Hyun Sook, the CEO of the luxury aesthetic house Yakson House, shares her knowledge on beauty tips that upcoming brides this autumn need to pay attention to.

To reveal a pretty body line with the wedding dress on, focus on managing the shapes of your shoulders, forearms and waist. Stimulating the acupuncture points (acupoints) on your inner armpits can help present slim forearms.

The acupoints can be called as the key area of the upper body, which are connected to the lymph nodes that help remove wastes, toxins and bad bacteria in our bodies. Reduced circulation of acupoints and lymph nodes leads to blocking of wastes removal and thus underarm pigmentation occurs and fat accumulated in the arms and breast.

Therefore, stimulating acupoints that are connected to lymph nodes properly can create beautiful shapes of forearms and shoulders, as well as the trapezius and neckline.

Although the idealist body shape is the one resulted from a long-term regular health management, it might not be feasible for the bride-to-be to do that. It is recommended that they should start to do wedding care at least one to two months before the wedding. Also, when compared with doing care 50 days in advance, doing intensive management is more effective.

Apart from a slim body, the body part that bride-to-be needs to put effort into is an elastic and clear skin. A translucent skin is a must-have requirement for becoming a pretty bride with the gorgeous white wedding gown on that day.

The most fundamental thing is to provide moisture and to exfoliate the skin meticulously in daily life. Keep a habit of drinking more than 2 liters of water a day and use cosmetics that match your skin type to prevent aging skin. Also, do exfoliation every 2 weeks to brighten your dull skin.

Acne scars of varying colors, dark signs and freckles make your skin dull and rough, and therefore special care is needed.

The basis of a healthy skin is sleep. Having more than 5 hours of sleep a day is recommended. Sleeping between 10pm to 2am is good for you since skin regeneration is the most active during this time period.

Set the apple zone as the center and massage your face gently during cleansing to improve blood circulation. Using lukewarm water to rinse your face for a couple of times instead of washing your face with a foam cleanser in the morning is a good habit.

Management For The Bride-to-be by Yakson House

Special Wedding Care - Complete a perfect dress-worthy body through an intensive management program that includes body weight management to remove excessive body fat. Moreover, it helps you to have a brightened and translucent skin to allow makeup to be applied smoothly on the wedding day and provides you with a V-line face through moisturizing and lifting care.

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