[Foreign Power Blogger’s Review] 3CE CREAMY CHEEK STICK

[by Goo Hyejin/ translated by You-bin Ha] Blusher animates our face and its types are getting diversified day by day.

Blusher exists in different kinds such as powder, tint, cream and stick so you can choose your product depending on your preference. Among these blushers, 3CE’s Creamy Cheek Stick has a huge popularity among foreign beauty bloggers for its function and efficiency.

Kim Kine is a power blogger who lives in Australia. Let’s check her #Pink Factory’s review out.

In the past, if I had the choice between choosing a powder or cream blush, I would always pick powder because the application is so easy and I thought a cream blush would just slide around on my face. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the texture and performance of this product.

This stick blusher has a creamy texture that perfectly melts onto the skin and presents a clear, long lasting color. The ‘Real Fitting Powder’ contained in the formula helps the blush adhere to the skin in its purest hue. It applies without crumbling and comes in a practical stick type applicator great for touch ups throughout the day.

I tried #Pink Factory which is described as a soft pink color that creates a ‘lovely’ girly look. The stick comes in 5 pastel, summery colors which are most suited to pale skin.

The casing is very chic. It’s a matte black with a pop of pink showing the color of the blush. The lid pulls off and the blush twists up via the mechanism at the bottom. The stick is chubby and adorable looking. The thickness of it is a major plus, because it’s very unlikely to break unless you twist up the blush to its limit.

When I pull the stick across my skin, it tugs slightly and the formula really adheres to my face. It’s only very slightly sticky to the touch and blends out the best using fingers. The warmth really helps with blending. An alternative method is to swipe a flat top dense brush across the stick and then buff it into your cheeks. The formula becomes dry to the touch within 1 minute. It doesn’t emphasis dry skin at all and looks smooth and even.

I left the above swatch on my hand for 15 minutes before washing it off and to my surprise the water and soap just ran off the surface of the blush. I would say that this product is pretty much waterproof! Apply the cream blush after your foundation and then lightly apply powder over the top to maximize your wear time.

As expected, the color is extremely long lasting and doesn’t fade or move around my face at all, even when I touch it. In fact my cheeks seemed less oily than normal at the end of the day in the area where I applied the blush.

I have nothing negative to say about this blush. It exceeded my expectations as it’s super easy to apply, didn’t budge all day and is waterproof. I always thought that cream blushes were greasy, wouldn’t last long and that they would come off if I touched my face during the day.

I would recommend this blush for all skin types, especially oily ones. Due to the strong adherence of this product, I find that it stays fresh for longer than a powder blush. You can buy this blush for $25 USD. (photo by Kim Kine’s blog)

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Write: 2015-07-30 17:01:52 / Update: 2015-08-13 09:38:38

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