August’s Limited Editions

[by Shin Hyunjung/ translated by You-bin Ha] The value of rarity is meaningful since it gives a special feeling that you are the only person who possesses the product. That’s why people are excited about limited editions.

This article is dedicated to those who wanted to change their cosmetics during this summer. The list of August’s limited editions is ready!

Let me introduce you limited beauty items.

▶ Type no.1 of Limited Edition: Enhanced Function

Purchasing desire rises when the products’ function is upgraded. These two following items are the perfect examples of it.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream Fresh Hydration Jumbo

It’s the limited edition of a cooling moisture gel cream that reduces skin’s temperature and gives freshness as soon as you apply on your skin. Its volume became bigger for a better cooling effect so you can use it wherever you want.

Menthol derivative’s fresh cooling effect that soothes skin was also strengthened. It contains glacier’s glycoprotein that supplies moisture until the inner-skin and desert plant extracts.

BOBBI BROWN Crazy for Color Lip Palette

This lip palette gathers Bobbi Brown’s best colors. It’s a perfect item for those who weren’t able to buy all these colors separately.

It contains diverse lip colors such as soft peach, pink shades, vivid coral and red colors that are perfect to use individually or by blending. With these six colors you can create infinite variations.

▶Limited Packages

Character and art are combined even in beauty’s field. These two following items are unique in their design and will make your possession desire high.

SU:M 37 Air Rising TF Dazzling Moist Micro Foam Cushion

This new product has great artistic value since New York rising designer Kayen worked on it. With its chic modern colors and illustration, you will be a confident modern woman as well.

Air Rising TF Dazzling Moist Micro Foam Cushion is one of the most popular products of SU:M 37 since it makes a light and bright skin with its fine air powder. With Kayen’s sensational art, its function is maximized.

VDL Festival Pot Eyes Cluster

This product is a limited eye shadow where Kakao Friends’ character and VDL’s bright mood are united. With this cute packaging, you will smile for each makeup.

To match with the product’s exceptional packaging, its colors were also specially produced: a marble pattern is delicately formed with sugar-like shining glitters and sweet colors that remind us of candies. (photo by SU:M37, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl, VDL, bntnews DB)


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Write: 2015-08-04 17:51:37 / Update: 2015-08-04 18:06:30

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