Bronze vs White, Summer Beauty Styling According To Skin Colors

[by Shin Hyun Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] It is natural for people to long for things that they don’t have.

It also applies to our skin tone. People who have charming and sexy tanned skin want a pale skin, on the other hand, people who have light skin like Snow White’s want a dark tanned skin.

However, the best way to become pretty is to admit and maintain the attractiveness of yourself. Let’s have beauty styles that show off your charms with your natural appearance this summer.

▶ Bronze

All women want a white and translucent skin. However, as sexy bronze tanned skin in summer has been widely accepted, people who have tanned skin have become the target of envy. Tanning and bronze makeup has gained increasing attention and so do tanned people.

Like the description ‘styling of a season’ indicates, your charm can be expressed to its fullest only if you have a proper beauty style. Recently, the makeup trend is contouring the outline of face naturally and applying subtle gold shimmer on eyes.

However, the key point is to reduce the number of colors and make use of contrast to add points on desired facial areas. Use a primary color, such as orange and red, to fill in your lips to give highlights.

In addition, having a primary color for your nails is a good choice. A sexy and clean skin matches well with a provocative nail color to show healthy beauty in the summer.

▶ White

No matter how popular bronze skin is, there are people of a pure type that cannot give up on a white skin like the one of Snow White and therefore, summer beauty styling for them is also needed.

Unlike bronze makeup, presenting a translucent and clear skin is a vital thing for white makeup. Cover all blemishes meticulously and present a translucent skin as if it’s filled with moisture.

Smartly use pink colors of various saturations to complete your look. Summer white makeup can be finished by a vivid lip color. Use colors, such as hot pink and magenta, to fill in your lips. If you want to flaunt a pure image, try to have gradient lips and apply lip gloss.

For nails, a silver or white color is a suitable choice, since cool toned nails can help emphasize a white skin.

(photo by Konad, bntnews DB)


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Write: 2015-08-11 11:11:17 / Update: 2015-08-26 18:00:49

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