[Foreign Power Blogger’s Review] 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick Recognized By Foreign Power Bloggers

[by Goo Hye Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Foreigners show increasing interest for Korean cosmetics.

Many of them even come to Korea in order to buy cosmetics in bulk. Among various products from local beauty brands, 3CE’s Creamy Cheek Stick has gained lots of love and huge popularity amongst foreigners.

Let’s take a look at the true reviews of Creamy Cheek Stick shared by Barbie, a blogger from Taiwan and Makiyo, a blogger from Hong Kong.

Taiwan’s Blogger – Barbie

I tried the stick blush from 3 Concept Eyes, which is a cosmetic brand of Stylenanda. It felt amazing and special since it was my first time using a stick blush. It has a creamy texture that reminded me of whipped cream and when I touched it with my hands, it seemed moisturizing to me.

Its real colored fitting powder is highly pigmented and adheres to skin to present a vivid color with only a single touch. More importantly, it doesn’t leave a greasy film, nor does it cake on my face.  

It won’t be removed by sweat, and so it seems good to be used in summer. Creamy Cheek Stick is long-lasting and moisturizing as if I have just finished my makeup. With this product alone, I can do a smooth finish makeup quickly and easily in summer.

Hong Kong’s Blogger – Makiyo

It was my first time using a blush of a stick type. I have always been using the convenient powder type blush and it was a brand-new experience for me to use this product.  

There are five colors in total for Creamy Cheek Blush of 3 Concept Eyes. Pink Factory has a lovely and cute pink color. A long-lasting smooth finish makeup can be finished easily and quickly in summer by simply using this blush. Its small size allows it to be carried around conveniently by putting it into a pouch and with its creamy texture, it adheres to my skin without caking and helps present a vivid color for a long time.

Firstly, apply the stick on your cheeks and then use your fingers to blend it softly to create a natural effect without creasing. It doesn’t cake even after re-application and helps present a natural complexion that I like a lot. When compared to a powder type one, 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Cheek Stick is more moisturizing to present a great skin.

This product is moisturizing and suitable for women who like glowing makeup. Personally, I like makeup with a smooth and matte finish and therefore, I usually use a small amount of stick blush first and then apply powder blush gently on top. By doing so, my skin is moisturizing from the inside out and it gives me a clear complexion.

Also, it is outstandingly long-lasting. I did my makeup in the morning and it kept intact without any creasing late at night. Before I tried using a stick blush, I didn’t know that it is as good as a powder type one with its excellent functions. (photo by blogs of Barbie and Makiyo)

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