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[bnt interview] Fiestar Linzy, “I don’t believe in natural talent so I work harder”

[by Lee Yoo Ri, translated by Sora Ghim] On a clear and bright day, a Barbie doll entered the studio with a bright smile.

With a flawless complexion, Fiestar’s Linzy boasts a porcelain skin and slim body. The ‘honey voice’ of group Fiestar’s main vocal, Linzy met with bnt.

On stage, she is sexy and charismatic but is in one word, ‘lovely’ as she portrayed the emotions of a young girl with flowers and dogs. Even though the pictorial was shot under the hot sun, she didn’t lose her smile and made another transformation as she entered the studio.

Creating a dreamlike mood like a princess in a fantasy world, she wore a red dress that showed off her figure. She captivated with her sexiness. The pictorial was shot with 3 concepts and in it, not Fiestar’s Linzy, but the 27-year old woman, Linzy, displayed herself.

Q. How was it shooting your first solo pictorial without the group?

When there were times I wanted to do expressions and poses myself, I had to think of the overall combination of the group and wasn’t as free as I wanted to be. I was able to show many things and it was free and fun.

Q. You were a candidate to be part of 2NE1 when you were a YG trainee. When did your dream of becoming a singer start?

I think I dreamt of becoming a singer since I was born. Bada, Rain, Se7en all came out of Anyang Arts High School so I thought that if I went to that school, I could become like them. They were part of the theater major but became singers. There is no singing major so I entered in the theater major. That’s how I was introduced into acting.

At that time, YG had the image of succeeding through talent so I entered as a trainee. There weren’t many trainees then and it was the 2NE1 members, me and Spica’s Bohyung. Of course, if I had become 2NE1, I would have more popularity, wealth and honor, but I think it’s not my path.

Since 6th grade and for 9 years, I applied to YG auditions and finally at around 19 years old, I got in. After leaving YG, I clenched my teeth and practiced so my skills improved a lot. It was an extremely valuable time and experience.

Q. Do you still keep in contact with the 2NE1 members?

After coming to Loen, I debuted after 4 years. At that time, 2NE1 had already debuted and was placing first on shows. I occasionally meet with Bohyung and we are still close. The other members are great seniors and since we’re all busy, contact faded. However, once I ran into them in a music show and they approached me first saying ‘Linzy’ and hugged me. It’s been about 5-6 years so I thought they might have forgotten about me but since they first approached me, I was touched.

Q. What is Fiestar’s own charm out of all the many girl groups?

Colorful. There is not one person who is the same. From personality to way of thinking, hobby, skills, and where we go is all different. For example, Girl’s Generation, Kara, 2NE1 all have their own image. However for us, each member has its own color so looking at it, it can be a bit complicated but if you disentangle it well, it’ll be good.

Q. What would you say Linzy’s charm is?

Having heaviness (laughs). I’m not saying the other members are light but I tend to have a lot of thoughts and am cautious about every one thing.

Q. While working, were there any conflicts between the members?

If I say there were none, it’d be a lie. We all fought once. However, fighting it out and learning about each other and respecting is better than not fighting and having a superficial relationship. Going through that process, right now we have a good relationship.

Q. Your role model during your girl group activities?

As a team and individually, I want to become like the influential Girl’s Generation. Looking at them as a long-time team which maintains its power, has unit groups like TaeTiSeo, comes out in variety shows and has prominence, I think they are amazing.

Q. What is Fiestar’s ‘Honey Voice’ throat caring method?

My mother is good at singing but I don’t think that voice is genetic. Since I think that I’m not gifted, my desire to learn is strong. That’s why I’m close to teachers and professors. Since I am lacking, I try to fulfill it and I coincidentally became the main vocal of the team. After I became the main vocal, I work harder to not make my position shameful.

To take care of my throat, I stopped drinking soda. Studying vocalization in high school, I learned that carbonated drinks aren’t good so I cut it out immediately. During my teenage years, the thought ‘the throat is my weapon’ is what stopped me from drinking. However, lately I drink a little coffee (laughs).

Q. You got your first leading role in music drama ‘Mental Sasu.’

It was the first time going in a drama as the character Linzy. Thankfully, the role wasn’t heavy so I had fun filming. It was disappointing that it ended early.

Q. Is there a friend who gave you advice on acting?

Rather than giving advice like ‘acting is like this,’ actor Kang Ha Neul and Ryu Duk Hwan listen to my concerns and give me life advice.

Q. Not just your ‘honey vocals’ but you’re also famous for your ‘honey skin.’ What is your skin care secret?

I don’t really touch up my face. Also, if it’s not important, I don’t look closely in the mirror. If I look up close, I see flaws and it makes me want to touch up, so to prevent that I look from afar. After washing my face I don’t wash one hand. Leaving the hand that touched my face as is, I use the other to turn off the faucet and to open and close the makeup cap.

I tend to have dry skin so instead of toner I use aloe gel. After washing my face, I don’t use a towel and just dry off the water. Then I immediately apply the aloe gel. Usually I have severe atopy so my skin isn’t good. Taking care cautiously, I think it got better.

Q. Your figure is so nice, I was surprised. How do you maintain it?

Looking at the TV, I look like I have some density. Compared to the other members who are petite and look like dolls, I’m a bit taller so in comparison I look bigger. Compared to a group like Nine Muses, I’m not tall but in my team, I look tall as a tree.

I usually like exercising but for the pictorial shoot, I did Pilates. A woman needs to have a pretty line but doing PT can form ugly muscles so to brush up, I started Pilates.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on dating?

As I get older, on days the sunlight is so nice I think that I want to date. Since I was young I thought in order to meet a wonderful person, I need to be wonderful first. With that thought, I am in the process of running towards it. While dating, opening and closing emotions forms so the company and people around me actually tell me to date.

Q. What is your type?

A person like a father. I like someone who is responsible and respectable. If I’m born again in the next life, I want to marry my father.

Q. Any last words?

I appear in a movie coming out in October. I play Jo Han Sun’s old girlfriend. It’s small but it’s my first debut so it’s meaningful. I hope the movie does well.

Also, please listen to the song ‘Today’ in Fiestar’s album ‘BLACK LABEL,’ which I wrote and composed. (photo by bntnews DB)

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