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[Interview] Charmnuri Hospital Director Nam Moon-Sik “ Spinal Disorder, Chronic Diseases Of Modern People”

[by Life Team] Spinal disorders are chronic diseases of modern people.

Teenagers and twentysomethings who frequently use smartphones as well as workers who are in front of their computers all day long suffer from Straight Neck Syndrome and Forward Head Posture.

If you neglect these symptoms, they may cause severe diseases such as cervical disc and scoliosis. Therefore, it is desirable to treat them with proper therapies and improved life habits.

Take a note of this article if you are in pain due to spinal diseases. We have listened to the words of Director Nam Moon-sik about spinal diseases’ treatment at Charmnuri Hospital..

Q1. Please Tell Us About Charmnuri Hospital’s Special ‘Body Shape Correction’

The first special point of Charmnuri Hospital is the cooperation of an oriental and a western medical team. When a patient is diagnosed, oriental diagnosis and western one are given at the same time.

The treatment also makes outstanding effects since oriental and western medicine were combined. The greatest feature is that, when patients suffer from a waist pain, Charmnuri Hospital finds the cause of their twisted pelvis and spine and corrects their shape. It’s quite different to the other hospitals that only focus their attention on treatment.

Q2. What Does ‘Body Shape Correction’ Consists Of Exactly?

We offer a whole body shape correction to improve your body from feet to knee joints, hip joints, pelvis, spine, and temporomandibular joints.

Chuna manual therapy, acupuncture, and manipulation therapy are conducted, as well as complex treatments such as exercise therapy to strengthen weak joints and muscles, posture correction, and walking training.. Then a balance treatment using high-tech equipment, spinal decompression therapy, are also added..

Q3. What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Straight Neck Syndrome, Forward Head Posture and Scoliosis, Which Are Chronic Diseases Of Modern People?

Most of people suffer from Straight Neck Syndrome or Forward Head Posture. If you keep your neck and head down while you are using a smartphone or a computer, these two diseases can quickly come and your back will also crooked.  

Spine, joints, and muscles are controlled with Chuna manual therapy or exercise therapy. Otherwise, selecting a good pillow will also help you correct your twisted spine or joints since we spent one-third of our day to sleep.

Q4. What Kinds Of Life Habits Should We Adopt To Prevent Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disease wherein the spine is curved to the sides. Thus, it is very important to make the both sides of your body symmetrical. You had better walk with a proper posture, and preferably avoid sitting with your legs crossed.  

Your sleeping posture is also important. There are many people who have a twisted posture while they sleep. A high pillow and a habit of sleeping by twisting your body can make problems. Thus, you need to correct your posture and adopt the right one. If you sleep with a Body Shape Correcting Pillow, you can easily correct your body shape while you are sleeping.

Q5. Which Pillow Shall We Choose To Improve Straight Neck Syndrome and Forward Head Posture?

It is important to select the right pillow that can support your neck and keep its C-shaped curve. A pillow that supports both neck and back is better.

When you sleep by lying on your side, you neck is curved. Then, your airway can block, causing the two mentioned diseases. Therefore, pick a pillow that keeps your neck in C shape even when you lie on your side.

Q6. What is ‘Zzayo’ And Who Can Enjoy Its Effects?

A Body Shape Correcting Pillow ’Zzayo’ is an abbreviation of ‘Jaljayo’ -‘Good night’ in Korean- and means ‘Good night with Zzayo.’ It is very effective for, above all, those who have a severe Straight Neck Syndrome and Forward Head Posture, as well as for those who snore and feel a pressure on their shoulders

People who can’t sleep well because of their cervical disc or shoulder pain can enjoy Zzayo’s effects as well.

Q7. What Are The Characteristic of Zzayo?

Zzyo is large and sloped. If you use Zzayo, you can correct the shape of your neck, back, and shoulders. In addition, as your head is higher than your heart thanks to the slope, your breathing can be greatly improved.

Zzayo is also good for preventing neck wrinkles. Those who have a sleep apnea syndrome or snoring symptoms can enjoy exceptional effects when they lie on their side. As Zzayo has a slope, users have a correct posture even when they are lying on their side.

Q8. People Say That ‘The Beginning Of Health Is Sleep’. What Kind Of Influence Does A Good Sleep Has On Our Daily Life?

You spend one-third of your day for sleeping. While sleeping, you can grow up and your brain takes a rest as well as your whole body.

If you don’t sleep well, you will probably have some problems. In particular, the growth hormones of children are secreted much more while they are sleeping so sleeping has a great impact on their growth.

Consequently, it is very important to select a good pillow for a sound sleep. (photo by http://www.nampillow.com/shop/main/index.php)

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