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[bnt interview] ‘That Guy’ Joo Won, "I Needed To Change"

[by Lee Lin, translated by Yoonjung Yi] There is strong determination behind his pure and innocent smile. Joo Won, after proving his outstanding acting skills in drama ‘Yong-pal’, is coming back to the big screen through movie ‘That Guy’ by play the role of Jang-woo.

‘That Guy’ is a mystery thriller that follows the protagonist (Joo Won), who chases after his sister’s murderer with the help of a girl.

bnt news and Joo Won got together and talked about his behind stories that was never told before.

Joo Won’s first stage was, neither movie nor TV shows, but musical ‘Altar Boyz’. After successfully taking over several musical shows, he finally appeared on TV through ‘King of Baking, Kim Takgu’ in 2010. Then, he made a name for himself by taking main roles in ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘Yong-pal’. Yet, he did not do as well in movies, which gave him determination to take a challenge.

“When I turned 29, I wanted to show that I can change, like how I am in this thriller movie. The good thing was I did not have to change myself completely. Rather than giving up my strong image of a passionate youngster, I embraced it, believing that the mass public will support me even more for it.

In the movie, Joo Won completely let go of himself and outpoured everything. He convincingly conveyed the sadness of losing his most precious sister and the grudge towards the society that does not believe in him

“In the scene where I found out the killer, I wondered how far I could go with this role. Then, I was actually absorbed into my role, and I felt the urge to kill the fictional killer. I started to struggle out of anger, and suddenly, the handcuff that was binding me came loose.”

“I felt peculiar at the moment. I am not sure if it was Jang-woo or I who triggered it, but something exploded in me. I never cried in my life like I did back then. Although I was done filming for that part, I still could not get over it. I could come this far because the staffs and actor Yoo Hae-jin were so supportive and trustworthy.

Joo Won had to either fight or run for most part of the movie. It was especially difficult since he had to get into emotion and catch up his breath at the same time. Worst comes to worst, he ended up tearing his head.

“Suspicion and obsession were the main emotions I had to carry on throughout the filming. The most difficult part was to balance the two emotions: sadness of losing my sister and determination to catch the killer.”

“This action scene required a lot of emotions. I remember having trouble with controlling my power when I had to punch and dodge because I was so emotional. Also, the filming was quite dangerous. In the middle of the night, I had to run through narrow stairs in unpaved areas, and coil a rope around my neck. Once, I hurt my head and I was bleeding like a scene from a movie.”

For the film, Joo Won worked in hands with the iconic supporting actor Yoo Hae-jin. “Of course I was thankful to him (Yoo Hae-jin). But most importantly, I enjoyed being with him. Now I believe I have a respectful mentor and a trustworthy brother alongside me. I am sure we would have encountered one day, but I’m glad that day came early.”

Joo Won believes change is necessary as he is facing the end of his 20s, so he put everything into this movie to express every part of him.

Being at the point of turning 30, I started to feel the need of working on movies like ‘That Guy’. The same reason goes for choosing ‘Yong-pal’. Although I worked diligently, I always have the fear of being forgotten, especially since I have to join the army next year. However, like every actor and actresses, that is something I must overcome.”

“While I was watching ‘Inside Out’ and ‘The Intern’, I felt very warm inside. If there is a chance, I want to give that same warmth to the public like the actor Robert De Niro. You can feel happiness in every little detail of his acts. As I get older, I want to be an actor who can give warmth my audiences.”

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