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[bnt pictorial] Eunjung “My Man Should Be Diligent and Well-Mannered"

[by Bae Kye Hyun, translated by Yoonjung Yi] From gaining huge fame and success in China to being casted in a Thai film, Tiara member Eunjung carried on her international legacy with her charming, pure, and bright smile.

On this day, bnt news held a pictorial shoot with global star Eunjung.

For the first concept, Eunjung unleashed her comfortable and pure side in cozy black and white outfit. In the second one, she was feeling the fall breeze in girlish and elegant look. Lastly, she emphasized her feminine beauty with bold and sexy padded jacket.

During the interview followed by the pictorial shoot with bnt, Eunjung shared her recent state in a calm, but cheerful way. She said that has been busy due to filming a Thai movie and her active role in China. Moreover, she said that learning Thai and English script lines have become her biggest challenge at the moment, since her first language is Korean.

About the Tiara members that have been together for seven years, she said they are like sisters and showed off her friendship.

When she was asked about her ideal man, she said he should be diligent and well-mannered. She added that she puts more importance on appearance rather than on personality. She also greeted and thanked Min Kyung-hoon for naming her as his ideal woman, four years ago.

Eunjung confided that she has to learn Chinese through video lectures due to her busy schedule and she feels sorry to the partner for not having enough time.

Then, she encouraged her company’s junior girl group DIA (Do It Amazing) to be ‘The Number One DIA’, rather than ‘The Second Tiara’. She also said that DIA will be loved by the mass public very soon with its charm and talent.

Lastly, Eunjung ended the interview by thanking her fans from Korea, China and Japan. bnt news hopes that she becomes a bigger global star through the film casting in Thailand. (photo by bntnews DB)

Directed by: Bae Kyu Hyun, Kim Soo Kyung
Photo: bnt photographer Kim Yeon Joong
Videography & Editing: Director Park Seung Min
Outfit: Lemite
Jewelry: Midnight Ink
Watch: Mangosteen
Hair: Cheongdam Jennyhouse Designer Choi Ji Hye
Makeup: Jennyhouse Primo Manager Park Ji Hyun
Location: Hotel The Designers LYJ Gangnam Premier

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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Write: 2015-11-05 16:10:08 / Update: 2015-11-05 16:11:33

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