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[bnt interview] Park Bo-young, “Perhaps I’m Not Just Aging, But Growing Up”

[by Lee Lin, translated by Yoonjung Yi] If anything can make this lovely actress angry, it would be a workplace – a cold warzone where an action step is worth more than a thousand words. Park Bo-young speaks for the poor interns of this era.

From being the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ that made everyone smile, Park Bo-young now came back as the representative of Korea’s intern. Recently, bntnews sat down with Park Bo-young, who is looking forward to the release of her upcoming film ‘You Call It Passion (Director Jung Ki-jun)’.

Park Bo-young already appeared on the big screen several times this year through the films ‘The Silenced, 2015’ and ‘Collective Invention’. Followed by ‘You Call It Passion’, Park Bo-young is to heat up the freezing end of November with her ‘passion’.

“I enjoyed it all the way through. I was glad that I could play the role that fits my age from this year. Although I never experienced any workplace environments, I tried to find the bond of sympathy through similar experiences from my past. I recollected memories from my rookie years and tried to get into my role.”

Yet, there are some limitations to finding similarities between being an actress and an office worker. Therefore, she found the answer with the help of her close friends.

“A lot of my close friends actually experienced office life, so I asked them about it. Some of them just got their first job after a while of preparing for employment, and some are already thinking about changing workplaces. I heard their stories naturally over a meal and tea.

There have been a lot of media-related stories especially in 2015. Amongst those stories, ‘You Call It Passion’ realistically portrays the works in the front lines of the entertainment media world. However, the director and the casts tried to focus on ‘everyone’s story’ rather than ‘their story’. So did Park Bo-young.

“Actors and actresses don’t need to sit in front of a desk. However, I could feel the pressure of sitting in front of a desk while acting out Do Ra-hee. Even when actor Jung Jae-young (as Ha Jae-kwan) was not scolding at me during filming, I was already tired of sitting still in front of my desk. I thought, ‘how can someone deal with this? It seems so hard’. After seeing how Do Ra-hee feels and chooses justice, I want to send my condolence to office people by saying ‘keep going, and one day you will grow’.”

‘You Call It Passion’ not only features actors Jung Jae-young, but also renowned casts such as Jin Kyung, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Ryu Deok-hwan, and Yoon Kyun-sang. The perfect casting lineup reassures the viewing experience.

“The senior actors and actresses were so natural that I felt very nervous. I did not want them to get distracted by noticing my tension. During filming, I often told the crew that I will do it again after spitting my lines. Sometimes I predicted the seniors to act a certain way after reading their scripts, but my expectations were always wrong. I even thought, ‘I cannot keep up with them. Their thought process is just too different from mine’. So I studied a lot in order to stop acting so cliché.”

“I felt very pressured, but the seniors told me not to. So I was able to enjoy happily and focus on filming, although I had a lot of weight on my shoulder, since I was the youngest actress. Because I

We can never talk about Park Bo-young if we do not mention her previous drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’. As mentioned before, she transformed into a mature lady from being the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ through this drama. He reason for choosing ‘Oh My Ghostess’ and ‘You Call It Passion’ was similar.

“After reading the scenario, I noticed the role’s age first. I used to portray a girl or a student previously, so I started to wonder when I will start acting the role that fits my age. And this was it. I thought, ‘Now I can portray something of my age’. However, I was worried that the mass public may not be ready for my change. However, a lot of people thought that I don’t look like a baby anymore after watching this drama. It gave me a lot of good things.”

Park Bo-young seems like she has always lived a flowery, beautiful life. However, her inner struggle and concerns resembles the role Do Ra-hee in the film. Yet, we could see that she was a considerate adult when she said, “Maybe I’m blessed that I am worrying about the things I’m doing.”

“I’m still a concerned person. When I was a rookie, I was scolded a lot, and I said the word ‘sorry’ a million times. I also cried a lot in the ride home. Now that I look back, I don’t know why I was bothered by that. I feel stronger since my debut. I know how to be patient and thankful. Perhaps I’m not just aging, but growing up.” (photo by bntnewsDB)

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