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What is the Secret of The Skin of Yoona – Suzy – Yuri that Matches All Makeup?

[by Kim Yoon Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Yoona, Suzy and Yuri are members of girl groups and have actively participated in dramas and movies as actresses as well. Despite their busy schedule, they always show flawless skin with translucent makeup, capturing people’s attention.

Their secret to maintain a supple, elastic and healthy baby skin has evoked curiosity of many. Let’s explore the skin care tips of Yoona, Suzy and Yuri who possess nice skin that matches all kinds of makeup.

◆ Yoona’s Self-illuminated Skin

Girls’ Generation held its fourth concert on Nov 20 and 21 in Seoul. The members attended the press conference prior to the concert and Yoona’s glowing skin that could be seen even from a long distance was spotlighted. Her shimmery eye shadow and glowing skin completed her splendid and doll-like appearance.

Yoona unveiled in a broadcasting program before that her biggest skin concern is lack of moisture as she has a dry skin. However, on this day, she flaunted a smooth and glowing skin as though she had applied a layer of honey on her skin.

Although people who have dry skin always find it difficult to apply makeup in dry seasons, Yoona is able to keep her skin glowing. Her secret method is to mix two to three drops of face oil with a moisturizing cream and applying them all over the face. Before going out, she applies a rich amount of facial creams one after another to boost absorption.

◆ Suzy’s Newborn Baby Skin

Suzy plays the role of the first female singer in the Joseon Dynasty in the movie ‘The Sound of a flower’. Winning both at love and work, she showed up in the movie premiere with a milky, supple and clear skin.

A packed schedule easily leads to skin problems. However, Suzy still has a soft skin like that of a newborn baby despite her busy schedule. The secret behind her skin is cleansing. She revealed her meticulous dual cleansing method that requires more than ten minutes to thoroughly remove wastes.

◆ Yuri’s Tight and Elastic Skin

In the same group, Girls’ Generation, with Yoona, Yuri is at the peak of her appeal. Unlike Yoona’s white skin, Yuri has as an elastic skin with her trademark healthy tanned color.

In a broadcasting program, Yuri referred to herself as a beauty mentor. During a long-haul flight, she uses mask packs to calm her tired skin. Also, she unveiled her beauty tips that she always drinks sparkling water with lemon juice to keep her skin tight.

◆ 4 Items for Glowing Skin with All Kinds of Makeup

Having a bright and clear skin is the secret behind the shinning beauty of Yoona, Suzy and Yuri regardless of makeup. Beauty items to get flawless skin like theirs are introduced.

01. Innisfree – Ginger Oil Serum Nutrients extracted from Jeju gingers boost the protective power of the skin and its oil moisturizes the skin to keep it glowing.  

02. THE FACE SHOP – Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam This is a cleanser that contains lots of nutrients and vitamin B, as well as rice water that provides superior whitening effect to brighten up skin tone.

03. SNP – Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask (Editor’s pick) Swiftlet nest extracts can boost the water content of dry skin to help get a dewy and clear skin. It soothes skin and balances the water and oil content of the skin to maintain a moisturized skin for a long time.

04. ESTÉE LAUDER – Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Gel Emulsion It is an emulasion that has a refreshing aqua gel texture to provide rich moisture to the skin instantly for a tight skin texture.

(photo by SNP, innisfree, The Face Shop, Estee Lauder’s official page, On Style ‘Chanel Girls’ Generation’ Capture, SBS ‘Night of TV Entertainment’ Capture, bntnews DB)

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