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RED vs PINK vs NUDE, Lip Winner for Chic Black Outfits?

[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Nine out of ten people who are sophisticated about fashion take a fancy to black.

Black gives off a modern chic vibe and a fatal sexiness depending on the use of different materials, and so many fashion people like to have basic black items for styling. However, wearing them wrongly merely completes a dark and dull outfit.

Surprisingly, black clothes are not that easily worn to pull off a stylish look. To achieve this, add a point with color makeup. What is the best lip color that fits black the most?

Sexy Red Lips for Black

Red lip makeup seems to be a must-have element for black look. Pairing red lips with black dresses, turtlenecks or leather jackets can make a sexy cosmopolitan outfit.

It is better to do a clear and sleek eyeliner for eye makeup, while skipping blush.

Also, using a lip liner to fill in all the gaps is an important point when wearing red lip makeup. If you want to be in the limelight or do a twist, wearing red lips with a black outfit is recommended.

Lovely Pink Lips for Black

Adding a lovely pink color to your chic modern black style can present a totally different feeling.

Black outfits can be rather burdensome and so wearing feminine pink lip makeup with black can flaunt your charisma in a subtle way. Minimize the use of accessories or wear only tiny pearl earrings to put emphasis on lip makeup.

Using a light pink matte lipstick can present an elegant image, while a sharp pink glossy one can help show your confidence. Moreover, brown eyeshadows are great choices for your eye makeup.

Balancing Black with Nude Lips

Nude lipsticks are items that cannot be easily worn. Yet, if you have nude lips with black clothes, it is a different story.

The combination of black outfits, white skin and nude lips creates a clear and tidy image and adds a sense of pureness to your black style.

If you want to wear nude lips, you’d better have defined and sharp eye makeup and blush to add a glow on your face. Choose a product with a nude color that matches your skin tone and complete your makeup with a watery finish.

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(photo by Vely Vely, NARS, Estee Lauder, Clinque, bntnews DB)

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