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Analysis of Choi Si Won - Park Hae Jin - Kim Ji Seok’s Drama Fashion that Win the Hearts of Women

[By Choi Sujin] It is already December, the last month of 2015. Moreover ‘Christmas,’ the special day that everyone is looking forward to is approaching.

Despite the cold weather, Christmas decorations are already on the streets and carols are played in coffee shop, making our heart flutter. However, women who are still single feel lonely. There are probably many women who watch sweet romantic movies or dramas to comfort their loneliness. Then who are the main characters that made these ladies excited?

◆ Romantic Only For His Lover, Choi Si Won of ‘She Was Pretty’

MBC drama ‘She Was Pretty’ that ended amidst popularity a while ago is a representative drama that shook the hearts of Korean women.

While there is Park Seo Joon who melted women’s heart with his tender and soft charms, Choi Si Won also attracted lots of people’s attention with his freewheeling personality. Whenever and wherever Hwang Jeong Eum got in trouble, Choi Si Won appeared and resolved all the problems for her. Moreover, he is an awesome man who truly cheers up the choice made by the woman he loves.

Furthermore, he flaunted a vintage and wild look in the drama by wearing a t-shirt or a shirt with jeans. In addition, his slightly grown beard plentifully showed his freewheeling lifestyle. But his romantic side was also disclosed for the woman he loves, capturing many women’s heart.

◆ Standard of a Perfect Boyfriend Look, Park Hae Jin of “My Love From The Star”

Above all, the peak of a sweet romance that won women’s heart is probably SBS drama ‘My Love From The Star.’ Although he looks unfriendly and cold, Kim Soo Hyun who always saved Jeon Ji Hyun from crisis thanks to his psychic powers was the right thing for women.

But there is also Park Hae Jin, the man who has loved Jeon Ji Hyun since his school days and who is always by her side. Also, he has a perfect appearance so how to ignore him?

In particular, Park Hae Jin’s fashion -a.k.a the standard of a ‘boyfriend look’- showed exactly what women want to their boyfriend. By being dandy and neat, long coats and turtlenecks of various colors are considered as the wannabe fashion for men from last year.

◆ True Fashionista Who Also Takes Care Of Inner Wear, Kim Ji Seok of “I Need a Romance Season 2”

“I Need a Romance” is definitely chosen as one of the best romance dramas by women. While you don’t want to miss both Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Seok, how can anyone not love Kim Ji Seok, the romantic guy who made red bean ice flakes at 2:00 am for his woman?

He perfectly pulled comfortable and casual outfits off by matching jeans with a shirt or a t-shirt as a café owner in the drama. But he is actually a man who also takes care of his  under wear to complete his look. He said “I am very prudent and picky when it comes to choosing underwear. Wearing anything just because it is not seen outside is disrespectful for your body,” adding that inner wear also plays an important role in fashion.

The underwear brand he selected is “Lashevan,” the byword of Korean functional underwear. Divided into three layers, “Lashevan”’s underwear protects the health of male testicles by effectively ventilating the groin area. Furthermore, hygiene and wearability were enhanced by using natural tencel material and its design became sensual by using trendy colors and patterns. (Photo by: Lashevan, captured image of MBC drama ‘She was Pretty’, SBS drama ‘My Love from the Star’, tvN drama ‘I  Need a Romance Season 2,’ bntnews DB)

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