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‘Boyfriend Skin’ Tips For Skin As Bright As Song Seung Heon-Kim Woo Bin-Lee Min Ho

[by Hwang Ji Hye] According to America’s famous magazine The Wall Street Journal, the personal expenditure of a Korean male ranks number 1 worldwide, averaging about 25.3 dollars per male.  This proves how much Korean males pay attention to and have interest in their skin.

This is for those who have interests but are unsure about the ways in which to care for the skin. If you wish to have the clear and firm skin of male stars on television, it is important to realize that ‘how you use’ your product is just as important as ‘what product’ you use. How did the skin of Song Seung Heon, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Min Ho, three celebrities that have started to date publicly, becomes shine? Here are some daily men’s skin care tips that will allow my boyfriend’s skin to shine like those of celebrities.

STEP1. Applying Suncream

If you wish to increase the elasticity of the skin that has become dry due to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, it is important to protect the skin from UV rays. It is possible to be exposed to UV rays indoors through the window so it is good to apply sunblock products so that the skin has a protective layer.

Firstly, a good suncream product should be selected. It is good to use a suncream product with a high SPF. SPF rating refers to the measure of how much UV rays are blocked based on erythema dose and the higher the number, the more effective the blockage is. PA is a component that allows for more effective UV ray blockage if they have more +. Apply suncream products 30 minutes prior to going out and re-apply every 4 to 5 hours.

STEP2. Daily Cleansing

Male skin tends to age slower than female skin but may rapidly age with insufficient care. Skin aging begins with a decrease in the elasticity of the skin as well as regenerative capacities that cause wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. However deep cleansing can help prevent sudden and rapid aging of the skin. This is because when the pigments of makeup and the unwanted oils and dirt inside the skin are not completely removed and taken care of. They cause the regenerative mechanisms to decline and make the skin more susceptible to aging.

Deep cleansing allows for the skin’s regenerative functions to become active through the thorough removal of fine dust particles from outside as well as dirt and oils. If you wish to maintain firm skin, daily cleansing by using a foam cleanser is recommended.

STEP3. One Care Functional Skin Care

If you think that multi-step skincare is complicated and hard, it is good to use functional skin care items that are effective and easy to use. Males especially have the assumption that skincare is hard and annoying but if functional products are used, it is possible to undergo easy and effective skincare.

Try applying a one-care functional skincare item before going to bed and after removing dust and various germs that the face was exposed to. Using a high functioning traditional herbal cosmetic product can allow the skin to absorb the content faster and minimize the number of steps needed in the skin care routine. Pour a sufficient amount onto the hand and spread the product evenly, dabbing the face with your fingers so that the face may absorb the content. This can help the face become firmer as the skin will absorb the nutrients and moisture while you sleep.



The Biotherm Homme UV Defense is a sunblock product for males that incorporates both UVA and UVB components that protect the skin from UV rays. The light texture applies smoothly onto the skin and doesn’t only block out UV rays but also creates a protective layer on the skin, allowing the skin to become healthy.


This Purifying Face Cleanser from TOM FORD is a cleanser for males that minimizes irritation of the face and cleanses the face and the pores thoroughly. The product is a gel type cleanser that creates foam, calming and keeping the skin moist without dryness.

03 HANSAENG COSMETICS, RIN Bi-gyeol Soo Essence & cream
The RIN Bi-gyeol Soo Essence is a product that consists of of 6-year-old fermented ginseng extracts as well as various traditional herbal components that allow for a radiant and bright skin tone. The product is a functional herbal essence that incorporates components that allow for wrinkle care and whitening such as Phellinus linteus, Morus alba root bark, and gold that creates clean and smooth skin. The RIN Bi-gyeol Soo Cream is a highly enriched herbal cream that allows for elasticity with its ginseng extracts and patented medicinal herbal ingredients, providing the skin with moisture and shine.


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