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Night Care TIP for Artist-like Perfect Makeup on Christmas Date

[by Song Eun Ji/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Christmas on Dec 25 is a special day that happens only once a year for those who have lovers.

It is true that a date on Christmas is particularly extraordinary when compared to other dates. Therefore, women pay special attention to Christmas makeup. To have perfect makeup on this special day, many of them follow the makeup of celebrities.

However, if you want flawless makeup for the date, skincare on the day in advance is a vital point. The adhesion of your makeup can vary according to your skincare steps on the day before Christmas.

We have prepared this article for women who dream of perfect Christmas makeup. Special night care knowhow for a special date on Dec 25 have been suggested by Lamy Cosmetics.

Skin’s Moisture Decides the Adhesion of Makeup

No matter how splendid and colorful your makeup is, it doesn’t look pretty if you have a rough skin. To do makeup that flaunts a naturally perfect skin, focus on special night care on the day in advance.

The key factor to boost the adhesion of makeup is moisturizing. Your makeup can be totally different depending on how you do special care on the day beforehand.

Moisturizing Night Care Knowhow

01 Special Cleansing for Perfect Skin Condition

The basis of all skincare is cleansing. Although it is winter now, fine dust and yellow dust still exists. If this concerns you, try ‘Salt Cleansing’ introduced by Soyu on On Style ‘Get It Beauty 2015’.

Clean your face once to twice a week by mixing salt for skincare purpose that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions with cleansing product. Use a soft vibration cleanser or a pore brush together to obtain more effective results.

02 Special Natural Mask Pack to Manage Your Skin

Use fruits that can be easily bought in winter to make a natural mask pack. Mash bananas that provide superior whitening and moisturizing effects and mix them with milk to do a natural face mask. Also, you can make use of tangerine juice that helps in whitening and smoothening skin texture by mixing it with oatmeal powder and honey to make a face mask.

Apart from fruits, grains such as rice are great ingredients for natural mask pack. If you want to use natural mask packs to care for your skin yet find it troublesome, use mask packs that are made with natural ingredients such as Rice Pack.

LAMY Cosmetics REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK is a natural mask pack that is made with rice paper that consists of rice, purified water and salt only. It also contains a highly concentrated essence that consists of scientific and herbal ingredients to perform complex moisturizing night care instantly without irritating the skin.

Since REAL EATING MASK is made with rice paper, it has become more popular with its nickname ‘Rice Pack’. You can use it as a normal mask pack by putting it on face for 15-20 minutes or use it as a sleeping pack by applying it on the face before sleeping to give you perfect skin condition without irritation the next morning.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)

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