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Want To Get Milky White skin? Regular Whitening Care Is The Key!

[by Park Si On/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] A smooth and clear skin can accentuate your beauty. The majority of women put effort into doing whitening care to get fair skin.

High-priced whitening injections or white tanning cannot provide instant effect, but if you use whitening care products that match your skin type on a regular basis, you can get clear and translucent skin.

Regular whitening care avoids dark eye circles, spots and freckles on cheeks. Try doing this with functional whitening cream, mask pack and sun mist.

After cleansing, apply a toner that contains whitening substances all over your face and use a whitening mask pack to revitalize your dull skin. It doesn’t only help restore your skin, but also whitens your skin as though you have received treatment at a beauty shop through its rich essence.

Also, spray a sun mist often to supply moisture to your dry skin. Using a sun mist that blocks both UV rays and indoor fluorescent and incandescent lighting frequently can supply moisture and even out skin tone for milky white skin.


This whitening mask pack can brighten up and revitalized your dull complexion with its rich whitening essence. It is a premium whitening care mask that energizes and tones up your drab skin for a clean and clear skin.

Functional substances such as niacinamide and white flower complex add a light to the skin for a bright skin. Vitamin substances extracted from blossom leaves provide anti-oxidizing effects to restore dull skin as if you just woke up after a sound sleep.   

The mask is packed with highly concentrated whitening essences that contain rich nutrients to revitalize sallow skin for a hydrated luminous skin. Its super fine fiber that is soaked in whitening essence provides a soft texture and adheres to the skin well to boost the effects.


By using White Milk Cream only, it helps brighten up your skin for lovely bare face. It is a daily moisturizing cream that lights up your skin instantly and intensively care for your blemishes for a milky white skin.

The Milk Cream has a soft texture that is made with milk protein extracts, cacao seed butter and Vitamin E derivatives to supply moisture to the skin. Use it in the last skincare step to clear up your skin tone for a clear and bright bare face.


This sun mist can block UV rays and can be carried around conveniently to supply moisture to your dry skin. It is a moisturizing milky toner in which its fine particles can be evenly sprayed on the skin to boost absorption for a soft and refreshing finish.

It is more convenient to use when compared to cream products that are difficult to re-apply frequently. Also, it hydrates your skin as a makeup booster.

The skin relief complex protects skin from harmful UV rays while revitalizing tired skin at the same time. It can be used on face and body to conveniently care for your arms and legs that are exposed to the sun often.

(photo by Stylenanda 3CE, bntnews DB)

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