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‘Easy Whitening Care’ Get A Porcelain Skin- Park Shin Hye, Moon Chae Won, Lee Sung Kyung

[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by You-bin Ha] Women dream to have a porcelain skin. The theory to get it seems simple, but in reality, following it is not that easy. Is there any simple way to do a whitening care?

If you are interested of having a transparent and white skin like stars such as Park Shin Hye, Moon Chae Won and Lee Sung Kyung, this article is for you. A constant whitening care is needed to get a translucent skin. Here are the skincare tips that will help you have a white and flawless skin.

STEP 1 “Make A Protective Film’ Sunscreen

For a right whitening care, you have to be meticulous and patient.Dark spots which are the main cause of a dull skin are formed when melanin stays in skin for a long time. As one of the most basic care, apply a sunscreen in order to avoid sun exposure.  

Sunscreen plays an important role in whitening care since it prevents excess melanin production. Apply a sunscreen in the morning after your skincare and then frequently put it on your skin throughout the day. It will help you have a solid film on your skin to protect it from the strong sun rays. It’s the most basic but important step of whitening care.

‘Cleansing’ Foam Cleansing & Scrub

To brighten your skin tone, you should exfoliate regularly your skin. But excessive use of scrubs can produce unwanted side effects so take the appropriate one depending on your skin type and then eliminate accumulated dead skin cells and sebum for a bright skin.

In particular, skin can become oily when you frequently apply a sunscreen. This excessive sebum should be removed during the cleansing. Use a hypoallergenic scrub and then properly cleanse the areas where sebum are particularly secreted.

STEP 3 “Blood Circulation” Massage Cream

A white skin is a healthy and moisturized skin. Do a facial massage that improves your blood circulation for a moisturized skin. When you have a healthy circulation, your skin tone becomes brighter and looks moisturized. Use a wellbeing massage cream that is made of natural ingredients to quickly supplies moisture to your skin without irritation and troubles.

After cleansing, make your skin texture smooth with a toner. Then apply a natural massage cream all over your face with your fingers and then gently do a massage during 3-5 minutes. Once the product absorbed, wipe it out. This process will boost your blood circulation and help you have a white and transparent skin.

Editor’s Pick Whitening It Products

01 BIOTHERM, White D-Tox Cc Blanc:
This product is a CC cream that also blocks UV rays. Apply this product before wearing makeup to make your skin smoother and brighter. After your routine, put it on all over your face as well as on your neck.

This wellbeing foam cleansing contains 5 different vegetable ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, parsley and water parsley that are full of water. It’s excellent to clean and soothe your skin.

03 Kiehl’s, Over-Night Biological Peel
: This item effectively eliminates your accumulated dead skin cells and makes your skin smoother right after its use. It plentifully improves your skin tone as well as the absorption of skincare products.

04 LAFINE, VEGETABLE FIRMING MASSAGE CREAM: This massage cream contains 5 different vegetable ingredients such as tomato, carrot, parsley, cucumber and water parsley that are full of water. Its ginkgo leaf extracts help you have a pure and clean skin by making it smooth. Gently massage your face to make it firmer and healthy. (photo by Lamy Cosmetics, LAFINE Yachae, BIOTHERM, KIEHL’S, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2015-12-28 14:46:48 / Update: 2015-12-28 15:08:47

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