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Dream of the Flawless Skin of Celebrities Without Photoshop?

[by Song Eun Ji/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] High-definition videos create an illusion of meeting celebrities face-to-face.

Celebrities possess a nearly perfect skin on the straightforward high-resolution screen. Women who have watched them on screen always hope to get their skin that looks perfect anytime, anywhere.

What should you do if you want a celebrity-like dignified, flawless skin? Simple and convenient skincare knowhow for you to do at home will be introduced.

√ 3 Conditions for Flawless Skin

01 Clear Skin without Troubles:

The first condition for flawless skin is eliminating troubles. Always keep your skin clean by doing thorough cleansing. If you have skin problems, do not use your hands to touch it. Instead, you should use special skincare items for skin troubles to sooth them naturally.

02 Moisturized Skin as if Water is coming out of your Skin:

A healthy skin needs to be moisturized as though your skin is packed with water. To get this, use superior moisturizing items every morning and evening on a regular basis. Also, use mask pack to hydrate your skin instantly.

03 Glowing Bright Skin:

A dull skin is the main factor contributing to a tired impression. If you want a bright, glowing skin, care for your skin regularly with functional whitening products. You can use natural mask packs that are made with substances that provide excellent whitening effects such as rice or natural skincare products that contain rice.

√ 2 STEP Convenient Skincare Knowhow at Home

STEP 1 Cleansing

To maintain a clean and healthy skin, the first thing after going out is cleansing because fine dust and various harmful substances in the air will stick on the skin and cause skin troubles.

Therefore, after going out, wash your hands and then use a cleanser such as cleansing oil, cleansing foam and cleansing cream that matches your own skin type to clean your face meticulously. Massage your face gently while cleansing to minimize irritation to the skin.

STEP 2 Nutrients Supply

After deep cleansing your pores, supply nutrients to the empty space. Carry out your skincare steps systemically by applying toner, lotion, essence and moisturizing cream.

If you hate doing troublesome skincare, using items such as mask pack that provide convenient yet complex skincare functions is recommended. Try using Rice Pack that is a gentle mask pack consisting of natural ingredients that don’t irritate the skin.

LAMY Cosmetics REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK is a natural mask pack that is made with rice paper that consists of rice, purified water and salt only. Since REAL EATING MASK is made with rice paper, it has become more popular with its nickname ‘Rice Pack’.

Its biggest strength is that it helps you get flawless skin through performing complex yet convenient care with the superior moisturizing, whitening and soothing functions of the main ingredient, rice. It also contains a highly concentrated essence that consists of scientific and herbal ingredients to perform complex moisturizing special home care instantly without irritating the skin.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)

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