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‘MBC 2015 Entertainment Awards’: Complete List of Winners!

[by Yoonjung Yi, photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Kim Gura sparked the night of December 29 by winning ‘MBC 2015 Entertainment Awards’ held at Sangam MBC Open Hall.

The night was even more special to Kim Gura, personally, as this successfully leading host of ‘King of Mask Singer’, ‘My Little Television’ and ‘Radio Star’ won the grand award for the first time by MBC and other terrestrial and cable channels after 22 years of his career.

Kim Gura said in his acceptance speech that “Although I am so happy to receive this award and I will remember this moment forever, but I will not put too much meaning into it.” He added, “Broadcasting exists for the audiences, and I am grateful for the support of the mass public”.

Moreover, the winning program of the year was ‘Infinite Challenge’ (directed by Kim Tae-ho) that has secured its brand for the past 10 years.

Yet, there were some slight troubles during this 210 minute of live show. Amongst the Grand Award nominees, Kim Young Chul and Park Myung Soo were eliminated from the list on site. Kim Gura addressed the issue by half-jokingly saying “This is an unprecedented situation ever”, but he could not hide his confusion along the rest of the original nominees.

Meanwhile, the list ‘MBC 2015 Entertainment Awards’ winners are as follows.

The winners of ‘MBC 2015 Entertainment Awards’:
▲ Grand Award: Kim Gura (‘Radio Star’, ‘My Little Television’, ‘King of Mask Singer’, ‘The Geeks’)
▲ Top Variety Program: ‘Infinite Challenge’
▲ Top Viewer Ratings: ‘Real Men – Female Special’
▲ Top Excellence Award – Variety Show Male: HaHa (‘Infinite Challenge’), Kim Young Chul (‘I Live Alone’, ‘Real Men 2’)
▲ Excellence Award – Variety Show Male: Kim Dong Wan ('I Live Alone'), Jung Gyu Woon ('Real Men 2')
▲ Top Excellence Award – Variety Show Female: Kim So Yeon (‘We Got Married 4’), Han Chae Ah (‘Real Men 2 – Female Special’)
▲ Excellence Award – Variety Show Female: Kim Hyun Sook ('Real Men 2 – Female Special'), Hwang Seok Jeong ('I Live Alone')
▲ Top Excellent Award – Music Talk Show Male: Kim Sung Joo ('King of Mask Singer')
▲ Excellent Award – Music Talk Show Male: Kim Yeon Woo ('King of Mask Singer'), Hwang Je Sung ('Section TV Entertainment News', 'We Got Married 4')
▲ Excellent Award – Music Talk Show Female: Lim Ji Yeon ('Section TV Entertainment News')
▲ Special Award: Kim Young Man ('My Little Television'), Shin Bong Sun ('King of Mask Singer'), Jeon Mira ('Real Men 2 – Female Special')
▲ Best Couple Award: Yook Sung Jae, Red Velvet Joy ('We Got Married 4')
▲ Popular Artist: EXO
▲ Popular Variety Show Award: Kang Ye Won ('Real Men 2 – Female Special', 'We Got Married 4'), Oh Min Suk ('We Got Married 4'), Im Won Hee ('Real Men 2'), Jun Hyun Moo ('I Live Alone')
▲ Popular Music Talk Show Award: Minho ('Show! Music Core')
▲ Achievement Award: 'Infinite Challenge'
▲ Writer Award: Park Won Woo ('King of Mask Singer'), Lee Un Joo ('Infinite Challenge')
▲ PD Award: ‘Radio Star’ Team Kim Gook Jin, Kim Gura, Yoon Jong Shin, Kyu Hyun
▲ Top Excellent Radio Award: Jun Hyun Moo ('Good Morning FM')
▲ Excellent Radio Award: Lee Jin Woo ('Economy In My Hand'), Jong Hyun ('Blue Night')
▲ Radio Rookie Award: Seo Kyung Seok ('Yang Hee Eun, Seo Kyung Seok’s Women’s Era'), Shin Bong Sun ('Yoon Jung Soo, Shin Bong Sun’s Good Weekend')
▲ New Star Award: Kwak Si Yang ('We Got MAried 4'), Red Velvet Joy ('We Got Married 4'), AOA Choa ('My Little Television', 'We Got Married 4')
▲ Friendship Award: Kim Yong Gun ('I Live Alone')
▲ Best Team Work Award: ‘Real Men 2 – Female Special’ Season 3 (Yoo Sun, Kim Hyun Sook, Jessi, Amber, Sayuri, Jeon Mira, and 4 others)
▲ Rookie Variety Show Award: Sleepy Kim ('Real Men 2'), Yook Sung Jae ('We Got Married 4'), Seo Yuri ('My Little Television'), Amber ('Real Men 2')
▲ Rookie Music Talk Show Award: Kim Hyung Suk ('King of Mask Singer'), Park Narae ('My Little Television', 'Radio Star')
▲ Radio Achievement Award: Seo Chun Sung ('Yang Hee Eun, Seo Kyung Seok’s Women’s Era')
▲ Radio Special Award: Writer Bae Soon Tak ('Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp'), Reporter Shin Soo Im ('Park Ji Yoon’s FM Date')
▲ Current Events Writer Award: Writer Jung Hyung Woon ('Docu Special')
(photo by bntnews DB)

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