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Moisturizing Cream, How To Select And Use The Right One? by. KICHO

[by Song Eun Ji] There is one item that cannot be left out of skincare, no matter what the season is. It is ‘moisturizing cream’.

Most people know that moisturizing cream plays a very important role when it comes to skincare. However it is very rare to find people who know exactly why moisturizing creams should be used or the precise way to use them.

What is the correct way to use a moisturizing cream? Here are some useful facts that Korea’s non-irritating skincare brand KICHO shared regarding moisturizing creams.

Is There A Difference Between Lotion And ‘Moisturizing Cream’?

The number of existing skincare products is more varied than people imagine. These products such as toner, essence, lotion, and moisturizing cream seem to be similar but they  all have different name.

The item that is most confused with moisturizing cream is indeed lotion. A lotion and a moisturizing cream differ in their ‘viscosity’. Using a moisturizing cream after applying a lotion is the best way but if it is a little bit hassle for you or if there is a circumstance where you have to use only one out of the two, it is good to take a moisturizing cream which has a higher viscosity than lotion.

How To Select A Good Moisturizing Cream & The Correct Method Of Use

If you wish to use a good moisturizing cream, do not trust the products that others recommend to you. The best moisturizing cream is the one that improves your skin condition without irritating it.

In order to use the right one, you have to pay more attention on its ‘ingredients’. Check  if the items contains  any chemical ingredients  that may irritate your skin. Also  it should provide multiple skincare effects. If you are not able to test it by yourself, check the reviews out written by  individuals who have already tried the product.

If you are looking for a regular moisturizing cream, KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is the perfect one. WIth natural Lanolin components extracted from the wool of young sheep, this a light moisturizing cream lets you have a complex care without irritating the skin. It’s not only nourishing, moisturizing, brightening, and antioxidant thanks to its 8 different berry components, but has also a light texture.

If you wish to maximize the effects of your moisturizing cream, apply it in the right way. It is more effective to apply several thin layers of the product rather than putting on a lot of the product at once. It is important to consider the amount of your product  because skin can’t absorb that much  and can also be irritated with excessive use. .

TIP. Double Moisturizing Cream Effects

01 Moisturizing Cream + Sleeping Pack

The KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM creates a moisture layer on skin, allowing the moisture to last longer + The KICHO CAMELLIA SLEEPING PACK is a product that effectively nourishes skin by providing sufficient nutrients during your sleeping time through its main ingredients such as Camellia oil, black ginseng, rose water, and Lanolin.

A firmer moisture layer can be created on skin by layering moisturizing creams with other products. The night skincare method of applying a sleeping pack on top of the moisturizing cream is one of the many well-known ways to use moisturizing cream.

Skin improvement is boosted when the moisturizing cream and the sleeping pack that you use are made of similar ingredients. Try taking advantage of the Lanolin component that helps you create a firm moisture layer on your skin without irritating it.

02 Moisturizing Cream + Mask Pack

The KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is a product with complex nutrients that maximize the effects of a mask pack when they are mixed and matched together + The KICHO PHYTO REFRESHING DAILY MASK consists of highly enriched phyto components that help you  correct your skin tone and soothe it through its natural pure cotton sheet.

If you did not get satisfying results by using just a simple mask pack, try to use a moisturizing cream with a mask pack. Although it is also good to apply a thin layer of a moisturizing cream before and after using a mask pack, mixing it into the essence of the mask pack itself can help you create a satisfactory result without hassle.

After opening the mask pack package, pour a sufficient amount of moisturizing cream. Then lightly tap on the packaging so that the mask pack and the essence can be mixed well. This will allow you to have  deeper nourishment.

03 Moisturizing Cream + CC Cream

The KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM is a product with a light texture that is good to mix with other products to supply complex nutrients to your skin + The KICHO COMPLETE CORRECTION CREAM is a product that not only blocks out UV rays but also corrects skin tone and covers it perfectly. Multiple functions that are very helpful for skincare and makeup are all combined in one product.

Mixing a moisturizing cream with a foundation, BB cream or any other coverage product can help you have a moisturized skin makeup. If your skin is severely dry, mix your moisturizing cream with a CC cream, a product that is effective for both coverage and skincare.

Pour a sufficient amount of the coverage product on the back of the hand and mix well with moisturizing cream. When you put more moisturizing cream, it will let you have a higher moisture level of your skin. But this method is not recommended if you want to cover your face strongly. So it is important to balance out the proportion according ono how you wish to express your skin. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

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