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Consult With Thermometer Mask About ‘Know-Hows For Recovering Damaged Skin In Winter!’

[by Yang Mi Young] Various skin troubles including sudden pimples, rough skin texture, and dark skin tone give stress to women.

If you use a cosmetics item that does not suit you, you have a high possibility to fail in an effective skin moisturization, along with frequent skin troubles such as pimples.

Is there any way to revive your skin which has become more sensitive because of cold wind and dryness? Here introduced are beauty items that immediately supply moisture to your skin.

*Lower Fever In Your Skin To Recover Elasticity

Fever in your skin makes your skin drier and your skin layer thinner, causing aging. Hence, it is important to lower the fever in your skin in order to keep your young-looking face.

In winter, your skin can be easily dried because a heater is operated indoors and the outdoor temperature is low. A cooling item for decreasing the dryness and fever is essential. MoonLab Real Cooling Thermometer Mask boasts a superior cooling effect as a mask pack lowering the skin temperature.

*Immediately Add Moisture And Nutrition

A mask pack has settled as a beauty item that cannot be removed from the dressing tables of women. A mask pack rapidly revives the skin condition with a convenient method for use and an immediate effect.

The plentiful essence substances contained in the sheet permeate deep into your skin, making you feel moisture for a long time.

The MOONLAB Real Cooling Thermometer Mask has three types including moisturizing, nutrition supply, and skin brightening. Its mild substances relieve your skin problems.

*No More Ordinary Sheets!

The MOONLAB Real Cooling Mask uses a bio-cellulose sheet extracted from coconut palm trees, which perfectly sticks to your skin.

The smooth sheet effectively conveys plentiful moisture and nutrition deep into your skin, preventing your skin from being dry in the winter season. Also, the Thermometer Mask notifies the most effective temperature for skin care by using the thermometer displayed on the mask pack.

After using the mask pack, you can feel a cooling effect and a moisturized skin. If you use it before going to bed, it will protect your skin all night. If you use it before wearing your makeup, your makeup will stick to your skin better.

*A Free Mask Pack Giving Event At Galleria Duty Free 63

MOONLAB, a professional cosmeceutical brand, holds an event called ‘Find MOONLAB’ targeting for tourists before it launches a new brand and enters Galleria Duty Free 63 on December 28.

If you capture a news article about the MOONLAB Real Cooling Thermometer Mask on the Internet and visit Galleria Duty Free 63, MOONLAB Natural Jeju Plus Mask will be given to you..

In addition, the company is preparing for a variety of promotions such as a free gift for the first purchase and free gifts for purchased products of each price. This event will be held for three months from the date when Galleria Duty Free 63 will be opened. (photo by NEXTBT MOONLAB, bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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