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‘Lee Young Ae - IU’ The Skincare Methods Of Those With Pale Skin Surpassing Time

[by Kim Yoon Jung] The majority of people in Korea will choose ‘Lee Young Ae’ as the representative female Korean celebrity with porcelain skin. However, although many believed that she would be the one and only female recognized for her skin, IU has risen as the new porcelain skin beauty.

IU- Lee Young Ae are representatives of the ‘2040’ generation and their clear and pale skin is desired by many females. Let’s examine some skincare methods that may help us to get one step closer to possessing their perfect skin.

>>Lee Young Ae, The Representative Of Those In Their Forties

In her recent appearance at the production press conference of ‘Saimdang, the Herstory’, Lee Young Ae showed her shining pale skin against all the camera flashes even without a reflector.

The skincare method she has been sticking to for a long time is the cosmetic product diet. She revealed that rather than applying too much, she finishes off her skincare routine by applying a moisturizing cream and face oil product that is appropriate for her skin type. Pale skin tends to have thinner skin layers and can therefore become dry easily. This makes it important to focus on protecting the sensitive skin and increasing the moisture content.

>> IU, The Representative Of Those In Their Twenties

IU, who is the representative figure among those in their twenties for possessing porcelain skin, is also known for the ‘IU Vitamin Injection’ because the slightly dark skin that she possessed when she first debuted has suddenly and drastically become as pale as princess Snow White. Although the controversy formed about her skin still exists, many are still interested in her skincare methods.

IU stated in an interview that her bare face being perfect is a lie and that she takes care of her skin by going to a skincare clinic and frequently using mask packs. The key point is also to apply sufficient sunblock products to prevent blemishes from forming and applying base makeup that fits your skin tone to create a natural and bright impression.

>>Steps For Using Porcelain Skin Beauty Item

Step.1 Chosungah22 ‘Wonder Milk’:
This product is a milk type skin product that allows the skin to be smooth and healthy through milk protein extracts and nutrients from goat’s milk. Milk protein extracts help strengthen the skin’s elasticity while the Selenium from goat’s milk, a mineral salt that is also helpful for the skin, makes it effective for skincare as well.

Step.2 ’Lyanature co. ‘Facial Plus Oil’: This face oil is also known as the ‘Lee Young Ae’s Camelia Oil’. Many nutrients including highly enriched red ginseng are included to help hydrate and protect the skin.

Step.3 ESTEE LAUDER ‘Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Base’:  This product is not only effective in blocking UVA/UVB but it is also a strong antioxidant that can help protect and calm the skin so that it may remain clean.

Step.4 Chosungah22 ‘Bounce Up Pact Master’: This product has a soft nutrient formula that melts into the skin and provides coverage while applying smoothly on the skin. The product adheres lightly onto the skin and expresses a subtle velvet-like glow. Two tones, No.1 and No.2, are available for expressing a radiant or subtle skin tone.(photo by CHOSUNGAH22, LYANATURE CO., ESTEE LAUDER’s Official Homepage, bntnews DB)

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