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Joo Won Wins The 2015 SBS Drama Grand Award

[by Kim Young Shin, photo by Hwang Ji Eun, Baek Soo Yeon] The winner of the Grand Award at the 2015 SBS Drama Awards was Joo Won, who played Kim Tae-hyeon in ‘Yongpal’.

The 2015 SBS Drama Awards was held at COEX D Hall in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

Joo Won said, “I just turned 30. I ardently lived a fierce life in my twenties. This feels like a reward for that. I do not regret a day from it and it wasn’t easy. When filming ‘Yongpal’, I was so enthusiastic that I did not sleep for a full week for the filming. I could only do it because of the support from the staffs and the fellow actors.”

He added, “No man is perfect and so am I. I could keep up the good work in the drama and win this award thanks to so many people that complemented what I lacked. I really appreciate the staffs, my fellow actors and the fans for their supports. It was hard to keep myself while shooting the drama. I was sometimes so enraged and had moments that I was about to lose myself. I thank my fans, family and my colleagues for helping me to keep myself in one piece. I especially want to thank my grandmother who is a great fan of the drama. She must be watching me now. I’ll try to show her another good performance in a drama. I was thinking over and over whether I should change, or keep up with how I’ve been living. Now that I got this award, I think it is okay to just be myself. I’ll diligently and purely drive myself to improve every day and become a humane actor.”

Meanwhile, ‘2015 SBS Drama Awards’ was hosted by Yu Jun Sang, Lee Hwi Jae and Lim Ji Yeon.

Winners of 2015 SBS Drama Awards

▶ Grand Award – Joo Won

▶ Best Actor of the Year
-    Full-length: Yoo Ah In
-    Long-short: Cho Jae Hyun, Yu Jun Sang
-    Mini-series: Park Yoo Chun

▶ Best Actress of the Year
-    Full-length: Kim Hyun Joo
-    Long-short: Choi Myeong Gil
-    Mini-series: Kim Tae Hee

▶ Excellence Award
-    Full Length: Byun Yo Han, Shin Se Kyung
-    Long-short: Joo Ji Hoon, Go Ah Sung
-    Mini-series: Park Hyung Sik, Moon Geun Young

▶ Special Actor
-    Full-length: Park Hyuk Kwon
-    Long-short: Jang Hyun Sung
-    Mini-series: Namgoong Min
-    Daily-drama: Lee Han Wi

▶ Special Actress
-    Full-length: Park Han Byul
-    Long-short: Yoo In Young
-    Mini-series: Lee Da Hee
-    Daily-drama: Jeon Mi Seon

▶ Producer Award – Kim Rae Won

▶ Achievement Award – Lee Deok Hwa

▶ Most Popular Award – Kim Hyun Joo
▶ Most Popular Award China – Joo Won

▶ TOP 10 Celebrities Award – Kim Hyun Joo, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young, Cho Jae Hyun, Shin Se Kyung, Ji Jin Hee, Park Yoo Chun.

▶ New Star Award – Gong Seung Yeon, Byun Yo Han, Lee Yeol Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Lee Elijah, Park Hyung Sik, Lim Ji Yeon, Yoon Kyun Sang, Go Ah Sung and Son Ho Jun

▶ Best Couple Award – Joo Won ♥ Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In ♥ Shin Se Kyung, Ji Jin Hee ♥ Kim Hyun Joo (photo by bntnews DB)

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