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‘Winter Skincare’ BEST 3 Beauty Rules of Celebrities, Song Ji Hyo – Seolhyun – Park Shin Hye

[by Song Eun Ji/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Winter with strong breezes blowing non-stop is one of the seasons that you might find it difficult to take care of your skin.  

If your skin feels tight or painful as though it is torn without any particular reasons, think about skin dryness. In winter, the dry indoor and outdoor air dehydrates your skin easily and so you should focus on moisturizing care.

We’ve prepared this for those who want to keep their skin moist in winter like the one of celebrities. Beauty rules that artists also follow to care for their skin in winter will be introduced.

Rule 1 Refrain from Using Heater

The use of heaters to avoid coldness is the main factor contributing to the dry air. Celebrities such as EXID’s Hani and Go Hyun Jung revealed that they refrain themselves from using heater for healthy skin, capturing people’s attention.

Excessive use of heaters takes away moisture from your skin and causes dryness and so, it is better to avoid using heaters or keep yourself away from them. Stay more than 1 meter distance away from the heater to avoid direct contact with the hot wind. Also, be aware that using a thermal mat in a high temperature and hot packs for a long time can lead to skin dryness.

Rule 2 Sufficient Moisture Intake

The water content in your body has a close relationship with possessing moisturized skin. Therefore, the majority of celebrities carry a water bottle with them to manage their body and skin. To avoid insufficient water in your body, drink 7-8 glasses of water a day to keep your body water content stable.

Adequate water intake doesn’t only give you healthy skin but also a healthy body. Instead of juice, coffee and carbonated drinks, drinking pure water with nothing added in is more effective.

Rule 3 Periodical Mask Pack

Pay attention to the use of skincare products for moisturizing care to maintain a dewy skin. Apart from skincare products such as toner, lotion, hydrating cream that are used regularly, using special care items that supply nutrients deep into the skin 2-3 time a week is recommended.

Mask pack is the representative special item that can be used conveniently and improve your skin satisfactorily in a short period of time. If you want to minimize skin irritation, use a mask pack that is made with natural ingredients such as Rice Pack.

LAMY Cosmetics REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK is a natural mask pack that is made with rice paper that consists of rice, purified water and salt only. It is safe as it uses eatable natural rice paper and contains a highly concentrated essence to perform instant and complex special skincare function.

The natural pack is suitable for people who have dry skin in winter and even for those who have sensitive skin to use it without concerning about skin troubles. You can use it as a normal mask pack by putting it on face for 15-20 minutes or use it as a sleeping pack by applying it on the face before sleeping to deliver nutrients deep into the skin. (photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)

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