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Attention-grabbing Makeup on the Slopes by Vely Vely

[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Despite the cutting wind and freezingly cold weather, we happily wait for the coming of winter.

Thrilling leisure sports on the white slopes make us feel excited and even falling down and rolling on the snow is a joyful thing. You can have a sweet date through naturally touching and being dependent on each other.

Check this out if you want to keep your makeup intact when you ski despite your reddening nose and face with snow on. Vely Vely has suggested makeup tips for skiing to help you look perfect on the slopes.

Clear, Luminous and Flawless Skin in the Snow

The biggest concerns of wearing makeup for skiing are dryness and redness. After spending a long time at low temperature with cold snow, your makeup gets ruined no matter how hard you have tried to make it last long.

You don’t even have time to look into the mirror during skiing and the item that minimizes your concern is a concealer. Vely Vely Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer is a functional product that incorporates both a stick type concealer and a moisturizing liquid concealer.

Its liquid concealer wand is made with Silicone elastomers that contain moisturizing substances to effectively cover fine lines and form a thin film on your skin to keep it hydrated for a long time. It is a hot item for covering redness to present a naturally glowing skin.

‘Attention Thief’ Lip Makeup

If you want to stand out from the crowd of people who are similar with thick clothes and goggles on, selecting a proper lip color is the key.

Since it is dry in the snow, you should choose a product that provides enough moisture. Vely Vely Sliding Butter Crayon Lipstick has a soft texture that glides on easily. It consists of six oil substances and four butter complexes for healthy lip care.

Entrapping moisture while keeping it supple on the surface, the crayon lipstick is available in six colors. Amongst all, Grapefruit Butter that has a coral pink color is recommended. A vibrant mood can be pulled off by this vivacious and splendid color.

‘Bling-bling’ Eye Makeup

When playing happily in the snow, a makeup mishap always occurs. Your eye makeup might smudge giving you panda eyes that leave a vague impression.

If you want defined and clear eyes in the white snow, try Vely Vely Eye– Definition Lasting Shadow Liner.

Silicon fixer forms a film to minimize smudging and the sliding gel formula makes it easy to apply for quick eye makeup. Use the basic Black Tea for a sexy and seducing image and apply Chocolate Brownie and Cinnamon Toast as shadow for a pure image. You can then complete charming eye makeup on the slopes effortlessly.  

‘Moisturizing’ Hand Care to Protect the Hands of Your Lover and Family

Hands are one of the areas that tell your age and age fast. As our skin gets weakened in the dry air and cold wind, you should pay special attention to hand care.

Vely Vely Real Skin Hand Butter contains Shea butter that is the ‘moisturizing queen’, mango seed butter that consists of rich nutrients and coconut butter for moisturizing and softening your chapped hands.

It has a subtle cherry blossom fragrance and is in a portable size allowing you to care for your hands anytime and anywhere. It is a must-have item in winter that gives you nice white hands to be flaunted confidently when you take off your gloves. (photo by Vely Vely, Bokwang Phoenix Park’s homepage, bntnews DB)

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