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Become As Pretty As IU – Yoona – Suzy in 2016!

[by Song Eun Ji/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] When a new year starts, there is a thing that all of us will do, which is planning a New Year’s resolution.

Women hope that they will become prettier in 2016. If you are one of them who want to spend your 2016 glisteningly through dieting, skincare and changing styles, let’s focus here.

We’ve prepared this article for women who want to become more beautiful like idols such as IU, Yoona, Suzy and Sulli or elegant actresses. Diet and skincare know-hows that help you get an artist-like appearance will be introduced.

Body Management :: A healthy diet is needed

Fitness clubs are crowded with people who aim at losing weight in the beginning of January but the places often become quiet again in the end of the month. If you are not planning for a short-term diet, cultivate the habit of exercising regularly to get an elastic and slim body.

Moreover, avoid extreme meal plans that harm your health. Extreme diets such as fast diet and One-food diet allow you to lose weight quickly, however, they cause serious yo-yo effects and bring negative influences to your health. Try halving your meal slowly, eating low-calorie foods instead of high-calorie ones and having low-sodium recipes to reduce your weight satisfactorily for body management.

Skincare :: Flawless skin cannot be gotten in a day

The healthy flawless skin of celebrities is not completed in a day. To have a perfect skin, regular skincare routine is the basis.

In addition, healthy life habits are vital. Sleep more than eight hours a day to avoid fatigue from accumulating and drink more than two liters of water every day to supply moisture to your body.

STEP 1 Cleansing

Cleansing is the first important step to get clean skin. If your skin is not clean properly, wastes accumulate inside pores leading to skin problems. Therefore, wash up your face right after going out to care for your skin.

When selecting a cleanser, choose one that is made with ingredients that minimize skin irritation. Use foam cleansers that contain natural substances to lightly massage your face when cleansing. A pore brush can remove wastes and dead skin cells inside pores, which are difficult to be removed by hands, making it a useful skincare tool.


01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser This is a gentle cleanser that contains natural surfactants to clean your face without irritation. It consists of 90% of Ulleungdo deep sea water, Ulleungdo Usan Acer mono sap and other natural herbal substances to remove wastes inside pores for fine skin.

02 KICHO Bubble Pore Brush This is a pore brush that is made of 0.05mm fine micro bristles to remove wastes in the pores thoroughly. It contains a built-in magnet for easy drying.

STEP 2 Nutrients Supply

After cleansing your pores meticulously, supply nutrients to your skin. If you find it troublesome to apply a number of skincare products, try using only a moisturizing cream,

Use products such as a sheep oil cream that contains lanolin which can restore damaged skin and excellently provide nutrients to care for your skin in a simple yet satisfactory way in winter. Also, use sleeping pack 2 -3 times a week to do special skincare.


This is a refreshing sheep oil cream that is made with natural lanolin extracted from young sheep’s wool to provide complex care without irritating the skin. It also contains eight types of berry extracts to perform comprehensive skincare with moisturizing, nourishing, whitening and anti-oxidizing functions.

This sleeping pack consists of camellia oil that has great soothing and anti-aging effects, black ginseng extracts, rose water and lanolin (sheep oil) as the main ingredients. The rich ingredients can be absorbed into the skin quickly to perform complex skincare during sleeping. A specialized brush is included in the sleeping pack set to allow more effective results. (photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)

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▶ [bnt photo] Executive Director Heo Kyung Of Mizon Receives Award For Global High Technology Beauty Brand At ‘2016 International Beauty Brand Awards In Xiamen’
▶ [bnt photo] Lamy Cosmetics Receives Award For International Beauty Cosmetic Leader Brand At ‘2016 International Beauty Brand Awards In Xiamen’
▶ CEO Kim Do Eon of Newtree Co., Ltd. Receives Best Global Inner Beauty Brand Award At ‘2016 International Beauty Brand Awards’
▶ [bnt photo] Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream Won The Prize of the Global Best Natural Cosmetics At ‘2016 International Beauty Brand Awards In Xiamen’

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