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Yang Se Chan, The Real ‘Mojo Man’

[by Bae Jung Yun] Comedian Yang Se Chan unfolded as a principal offender, who caused ‘Love and War’ in the comedy community and emerged as a real ‘Mojo man’. Especially, the love triangle among Park Na Rae, Jang Do Yeon and Yang Se Chan said to be created and dragged attention from the mass public.

On the upcoming episode of MBC ‘Radio Star’, madly in loved Park Na Rae, Yang Se Chan, Jang Do Yeon and Yang Se Hyung will appear as quests and to make ‘Love and War’ special.

Last September, Park Na Rae selected her secret lover as Yang Se Chan, and for that, Yang Se Chan was known for ‘commonly recognized Park Na Rae’s man’. They appeared together in the recent filming. Yang Se Chan appeared after the introduction of “There are tons of female comedians who had crushes on him” and revealed his charms by showing off remarkable volubility.

Moreover, it revealed that Yang Se Chan also captured Jang Do Yeon’s heart and the love triangle has created. Yoon Jong Shin asked, “I heard Jang Do Yeon felt Yang Se Chan likes her” and Jang Do Yeon talked about the story of her momentary excitement to Yang Se Chan. After that, it is said that Park Na Rae gulped down the cold water and expressed agitation. It is arousing public’s curiosity about the story have exchanged.

Nevertheless, Yang Se Chan disclosed that sometimes he thought Park Na Rae looked nice and draw people’s attention. He complimented her by saying, “These days, Park Na Rae seems lovely sometimes” and also said, “She has an unique atmosphere around her and it lookes lovely”. For that, the mass public aroused their curiosity of whether Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeons’ friendship might be changed or not.

Additionally, Yang Se Chan said, “I would marry Park Na Rae and date Jang Do Yeon” and dragged people’s attention. He also added the reason for that and drew people’s curiosity.
About the charm of the real ‘Mojo man’ Yang Se Chan and the love triangle story will be aired through ‘Radio Star’ on February 3 at 11pm KST.

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ is receiving lots of love for their cutting edge remarkable volubility of the hosts Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Gu Ra and Kyuhyun, which disarms the guests. (photo by MBC)

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