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Secretly Blooming Beauty Miracles, Secret Brand Lineup

[by Beauty Team/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Having a bright and tight skin that remains the same regardless of time is the dream of all women of different ages and nationalities.

Can the inner longing of women finally be fulfilled? Nothing is impossible with ‘Secret’, a brand established on the basis of new and solid beauty concepts and high technology to help release your hidden beauty from within.

Secret w1 5-Piece Set

Secret w1 5-Piece Set is an ambitious total skincare product line that is composed of skin softener, eye cream, emulsion, essence and cream. The sharply designed step by step skincare routine and having PEPHA-TIGHT of Pentapharm in Swiss and cultured wild ginseng root extracts as ingredients help improve skin elasticity to present an innovative ‘climax’ of your skin.

The products are made with seven types of naturally derived herbal ingredients including fermented soybeans, willow, cinnamon, oregano, cypress, Portulaca oleracea and gold to supply rich nutrition and protect your skin from external stimuli by boosting your immune system. Angelica Keiskei extracts are also used to provide supreme pore care.

Secret Whitening

Secret Whitening is a whitening cream that is made with safflower sprout extracts that are well-known as a patented whitening ingredient, which provides excellent pigmentation care. The biggest feature of the product is that it gives instant and obvious whitening effect.

In addition, it contains Ecklonia cava extracts that provides superior skin protection, aloe vera leaf and gold extracts to vitalize the skin and give anti-aging effects such as wrinkle reduction. It is a smart item that the aloe substances transform into water drop once applied to deliver moisture to the skin.

Secret m1

The skin around the eyes and the mouth is the thinnest and most sensitive part among other facial parts, which is vulnerable to external stimuli and thus, aging occurs easily on these areas. Secret m1 is a specialized wrinkle corrector that deals with this.

It is made with EGF that activates skin regeneration and five peptides that improve wrinkles and skin elasticity for superior lifting and firming effects. In particular, SYN-AKE, known as a snake venom-like substance, fills lines and wrinkles. Spending simply a minute a day to use it can give you youthful and vitalized baby face. (photo by JNU Group)

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Write: 2016-02-04 14:29:26 / Update: 2016-02-04 19:25:47

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