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‘Youth Over Flowers’ The Attractive Charms of Jo Jung Suk-Jung Woo-Kang Ha Neul

[by Hwang Ji Hye] Reality show producer Na Young Seok, known to have high viewer ratings for all of his produced shows has made another hit. The tvN show ‘Youth Over Flowers in ICELAND’ has hit around 7% of viewer ratings and its popularity is apparent through various social networking sites.

The attractive charms of the four men portrayed through tvN’s ‘Youth Over Flowers’, a real variety program that shows foreign backpacking trips, are capturing the hearts of viewers. The curiosity to find out the secret behind their charms is also increasing.  Their charms actually start from their glossy skin. Here are some skin care tips to create a healthy and glowing face like these four men.

Youthful Actor 1 Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk is an actor that has starred in consecutively successful dramas and is continuing to receive love from the general public. Even with his open relationship with the singer Gummy, he still continues to be loved as an actor and has portrayed his friendly and positive charms through the tvn show ‘Youth Over Flowers In ICELAND’.

The reason why Jo Jung Suk’s face can shine even in the snowy landscape is because of his pale skin. If you wish to possess flawless clear male skin, it is important to perform deep cleansing and whitening care. First it is necessary to apply sun cream whenever you leave the house to protect the skin from UV rays. Then use a foam cleanser to clean your face. This will allow the face to revive its clear shine.

Youthful Actor 2 Jung Woo

Jung Woo just had his wedding with actress Kim Yumi on the 13th of January and is an actor that many love. The general public first gained interest in him through the movie ‘Wish’ when he was just a rookie and has gained huge popularity through his role as ‘Seuregi’ (meaning trash) in the tvN drama ‘Reply 1994’. Recently he has reached the peak of his career through his various works such as the movie ‘The Himalayas’ and the tvN show ‘Youth Over Flowers’.

Although he does not possess handsome dimensions, his likeable face and firm skin adds to his charms. Through the movie talk of ‘The Himalayas’ that was aired through Naver’s V App on 9 P.M. of the 23rd, Jung Woo stated that he uses minimal cosmetic products to take care of his skin and added that he tries at least to wash his face.

Youthful Actor 3 Kang Ha Neul

Actor Kang Ha Neul, the youngest member starring in the tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers in ICELAND’ with cute charms portrayed through his goofy image, is a rising star that has been said to be ‘an actor with a thousand faces’ at a young age. Sometimes acting as a mood changer and sometimes as a trustworthy driver, Kang Ha Neul’s charm lies in his pure look.

Kang Ha Neul is an actor with a bright impression due to his pale skin and sharp nose. If you wish to possess bright and shining male skin, performing thorough skin care is necessary. Males especially tend to feel that multi-step skin care routines are complicated. Using a non-irritant massage cream with vegetable components can help replenish and nourish the skin rapidly and deeply.

EDITOR’S CHOICE ‘Homme Over Flowers’ Well-Being Male Cosmetics LAFINE VEGETABLE

01. LAFINE VEGETABLE FOAM CLEANSING: This product consists of 5 different moisture-rich vegetable ingredients such as cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, and water dropwort. It is a well-being non-irritant foam cleansing product that is efficient in cleaning and calming the skin.

02. LAFINE VEGETABLE FIRMING MASSAGE CREAM: This product consists of gingko leaf extracts that allow for a brighter and cleaner skin tone by assisting with circulation within the skin. Smoothly massaging the face can help relieve tension and stress to create firmer and healthier skin.

03. BIOTHERM, Force Supreme Moisturizer:
This is a moisturizing product that protects the skin using Blue Algae extracts. Apply a sufficient amount of the product in light motions on the entire face after applying skin or essence in the morning and night.

04. HERA, Homme CC cream: This is a male CC cream product that consists of 50% essence content and a product that applies smoothly with moisture like a skin care product. Not only does the product replenish moisture but also provides comfort through the moisture layer that is created on the skin.  

(photo by LAMY Cosmetics LAFINE VEGETABLE, BIOTHERM, HERA, tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers in Iceland’ program capture, bntnews DB)

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