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[bnt interview] Park Bo Gum, It Is Only a Prologue Yet

[by Kim Hee Gyeong, translated by Woorim Ahn] 24 might be an age that is still young, but can’t be just innocent. However, Park Bo Gum, who is 24 years old, was just like a white snow trail that nobody stepped on. People can rarely see it, but it wasn’t unfamiliar or seemed like a made-up at all.  

Park Bo Gum revealed himself and Choi Taek, the character he played for tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’, through an interview with bntnews. After filming the drama, he went to Phuket and Africa, and said, “I can’t still believe the drama is over.”

The last episode of ‘Reply 1988’ reached the viewers’ percentage of 21.8% and made the highest record among cable channels. Regarding this, he added, “It’s literally an honor of my family” and revealed his appreciation.

“Actually, I didn’t know how cable channels go. I thought ‘I wish it would go well’, but I never expected this much. I’m really happy that the drama became nationwide one that received much love from the mass public.”

Park Bo Gum also disclosed respects for director Shin Won Ho that has produced ‘Reply’ series. He mentioned that the director put down his authority for actors and said, “We were happy all the time” and kept appreciating.

“I like all the directors that I’ve worked with, but Shin Won Ho was the most humorous person among them. I never saw him get mad. Moreover, he checks all the details such as arts, props, acting, singing and others. He should be tired, but he always makes kidding and gives advices to everyone, so I really liked to work on it.”

‘Reply 1988’ is evaluated as a drama having more family stories and love than the previous ones. It became one of the reasons why Park Bo Gum, who was born in 1993, could draw the background of 1988 easier.

“When I filmed the drama, my heart became warmer. Although Taek wasn’t at home, everyone gathered at his room and knew each other what they wanted without a word. Moreover, even when Taek was trying to eat at home with his father, neighbors filled up the table for his family. That’s where I could feel heartwarming sentiment of 1988. It will be great if we still can feel it now.”

Choi Taek is one of the characters that received lots of love from the audiences in ‘Reply’ series. In particular, he was a true lover, who gave up playing go that was his everything for his love, and the scene shook many fangirls’ hearts. Somehow, it might be a positive result as an actor, but Park Bo Gum was very humbled.

“I’m not sure if I did well in the drama. Honestly, if I put more time on playing go for the scenes, I could show better quality. If I get 10 points from the drama, I want to retrieve it to the director and scriptwriter that made Choi Taek.”

“Everybody becomes happy for my work, but they told me to behave more prudent and humbled as much as this. Not only my family, but also my agency people see me with objective views. When I didn’t do my work well, they point it out. Rather than giving compliments for me, those comments help me a lot more. If there weren’t those people, I wouldn’t be here.”

It is true that ‘Reply’ series have been loved so much, but there are many behind stories. Recently, there is a rumor entitled ‘Reply curse’ among the mass public. Inside of the rumor, there should be bad influences from much anticipation of the actors in ‘Reply’ series. Regarding this, Park Bo Gum said, “I don’t understand why that is a curse.”

“It is a big blessing that ‘Reply’ series is receiving so much love and interest from many people. I could let everyone know my name and face through the drama and the mass public’s love and interests are from it. I should feel burdened, but if I love my work just like what I’ve done, it is a blessing, not a curse.”

“Many viewers started watching ‘Remember You’ after they saw me through ‘Reply 1988’. If I get to work on other dramas from now on, they may watch ‘Reply 1988’ after they see me in the work. So, I have all my characters inside of me and based on this, I want to show good sides all the time.”

Park Bo Gum made his signature smile and said, “I want to get compliments saying ‘You’re in love with acting’” for his goal in 2016.

“These days, I want to wear a uniform and film a school drama before I get older. Plus, I want to act with the actors in my age as well. I have lots of things to learn from them and I also want to digest more various roles. Just like a model digesting all the outfits perfectly, I want to prove my charms through acting.”

During the short period of time for an interview, he was serious while he was talking about his own aspects. Among those, he revealed his deep affection for his character Choi Taek that he couldn’t even realize in usual.

“When I think of Taek, I get sad. I want to tell him that he’d done everything well. I want him to stay healthy and happy. Everyone moved out on the last episode, but I wish he could be in touch with everyone and he lives in many people’s imagination.”

Just like his tremendous popularity, he was digesting hectic schedules, but he greeted to the reporters one by one and said, “Thank you for coming. Happy New Year” with a bright smile. It wasn’t easily seen at the other interview sites, but it didn’t seem too special for him.

Thus, I don’t want to say that Park Bo Gum’s life has a bright light yet. I just wish that all these things were a simple prologue of his life when he looks back after years. (photo by bntnews DB)

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