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[Reporter’s Experience] First Step To Becoming A Beautiful Mother, TRC Postpartum Care Program

[by Jung Yoo Jin / photo by Kim Gang Yu] There is a saying, ‘The life of a female divides into their life before giving birth, and their life after giving birth to a child’.

This refers to the fact that there is a lot of changes after giving birth to a child. Although it is true that giving birth to a new life is a beautiful event, the pain that comes from postpartum aftereffects such as stretch marks, sagging skin, postpartum stroke, and twisted hips cannot be avoided. If this harmed body is neglected postpartum depression may arise so it is important to pay special attention.

The premium esthetic brand, The Red Club, recommended the TRC Postpartum Care Program for those who wish to become ‘healthy and beautiful mothers’. What procedures does the TRC Postpartum Care Program entail? The reporter experienced first-hand, the first step to becoming a beautiful mother.

[STEP 1] Skin As Pure and Clear As A Female College Student, Gold Therapy

She had stated that after giving birth her skin has not only become very dry but also started forming blemishes such as chloasma and freckles. Section chief or manager Jung Kyung Hae in the Instruction Team of The Red Club stated that “Pure gold slows down the consumption of collagen and the breakdown of elastin so that skin may not sag and that the cells of the basal layer can be stimulated to grow and create firm and healthy skin” and therefore recommended the Gold Therapy.

Gold therapy was originated from the history of Queen Cleopatra’s gold mask that was used by her every night for eternal beauty. Gold is such an effective component that Yang Kuei Fei, who was the emperor’s lover with pale and clean skin, was also known to apply gold powder on her face every night to create a cleaner and paler face.

Reporter’s Review

Gold therapy, which sounds luxury just from its name, had astonishing effects. The gold that was attached to the face changed color when the chief director’s hands touched my face, stating that the cause of aging lies in the secretion of heavy metals inside the skin.

A more surprising phenomenon occurred after the treatment. Pure gold, which is known for its whitening and complexion purifying effects, normalized the ion circulation within my dry and dull skin to create a bright skin tone. I’m most satisfied with my natural firm, glowing skin that appears even without makeup. The effect has not gone away within a short period of time and has continued even until today, two weeks later after the treatment.

[STEP 2] Creating A Lighter Body Through Smooth Circulation, Axillary Care

Although she had maintained a slim body before giving birth, she has evidently gained weight after giving birth and was concerned with her especially chubby upper body. The problem lied in the fat that accumulated in her arms and axillary area due to the slouching position that she was in while carrying or holding her child, which her swelling had not yet gone away after giving birth.

The axillary area acts as a drain for the bodily wastes to leave from. The axillary refers to the line starting from the sides of your chest to the area beneath the shoulders. The subcutaneous tissue in the axillary area is tangled with strong connective tissue fibers and is very tough, and the lymphatic gland is connected 1 to 2 mm inside this subcutaneous tissue..

If the circulation within the axillary lymph declines, the channel that flushes out bodily wastes becomes blocked and pigmentation may occur, as well as the fact that fat and cellulite may accumulate in the brassiere line causing the area to thicken. In addition, partial obesity in the arm and axillary areas can cause an imbalance in the shoulder joint and cause tension in the trapezius muscle around the shoulders as well as thicken and ruin the arm line.

She decided to trust the chief director and her statement when she said that “just taking good care of the axillary area can allow for a slimmer upper body line,” which seemed to address her concern of having a chubby upper body.

Reporter’s Review

First, a relaxing aroma that is efficient for the secretion of unwanted wastes and toxins was applied. It felt as though just breathing was relieving my tight muscles. The intensive manipulation techniques that were done from the outer lining of the arm to the shoulders and inside the axillary areas were effective in relieving the stress from childcare and housework.

The best part was the cell paper equipment that is known to break down accumulated cellulite and fat. The spheroid waves cause around 10,000 massage-like vibrations per minute on the muscles, allowing for the muscles to be easily relieved and for the blood circulation to occur smoothly. It was also trustworthy because the process was said to eliminate the cause of obesity through the transformation of body type through these waves.

The tensed trapezius muscle, the fat that hardened around the outer areas of the arm, and the fat around the brassiere line were cared for and seemed to have become in better shape. The pain that was felt around the area was relieved as well. With consistent care, both a slim body and comfort seem to be possible to achieve.(photo by The Red Club, bntnews DB)

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